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Performing Mums have a rewarding combination of skill sets

Updated: May 6, 2022

✦ Balancing work and parenting is never easy, let alone when you are a performing artist with countless hours of rehearsals and shows. Having a supportive family and co-workers is certainly an advantage.

We caught up with two of the Mum performers from the TORTUGA Festival, Lucy Frost and Elle Diablo.

Lucy Frost and son Spike

Being a mum and an artist/performer is never easy. Touring life doesn't fit so well around naps and early nights!

You have to pick the events you really want to do and be OK with saying no if it's not what is best for your family.

Lucy’s husband is a performer too, so they have to take turns to do their projects and be present and patient when it's not your turn. It's not all a compromise, though.

She told us, “Being a mum is one of the most creative roles I've played! I've never done so much singing, making, painting and playing as I have with our son in the past two years. Every night at bed time I get to try out funny voices and comic timing on my favourite audience member. I am passing on my passion for acrobatics and circus-p.”

Two-year-old Spike goes to kindy stars gymnastics sessions at Springloaded which Mum and son LOVE doing together.

“I feel so warm and fuzzy seeing the joy in his eyes when he learns a new skill and memories of my childhood come flooding back,” said Lucy.

Spike with Mum Lucy Frost as featured on Brilliant-Online
Spike with Mum Lucy Frost

Elle Diablo and daughter Bonnie

Elle is a sword swallower, fire and sideshow performer and has been teaching pole dance for 16 years, PLUS she is a Mum.

Before circus life she studied biomedical science at university and had plans to become a medical doctor. Now she is the co-director of one of Melbourne’s original pole and burlesque schools, Bottoms Up Dance, and mum to 4-year-old Bonnie.

"Being a mum is one of the greatest challenges and biggest joys of life," Elle told us. "Bonnie has grown up in the dance studio and beside the stage. She plays games with her toys where she goes off to ‘work to do a show’.

"The burlesque/circus parent community has been a wonderful perk of becoming a parent. It’s been great to have so much support from other parents who know the specific challenges of parenting and performing in an unconventional field.”

Elle Diablo and daughter Bonnie as featured on Brilliant-Online
Elle Diablo and daughter Bonnie

Happy Mother's Day to all Brilliant Readers!


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May 30, 2022

Mothers from all walks of life reflect on Motherhood. Interesting characters.

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