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The Superheroes of Smart Coast Conveyancing

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

✦ In the comics, superheroes don capes and masks, dashing around cities to thwart villains. But I’ve come to realize that the genuine superheroes are the unsung ones, the heroes who touch lives daily with gestures of kindness and unwavering dedication. I'm privileged to work alongside such heroes at Smart Coast Conveyancing.

You see, for us at Smart Coast Conveyancing, our work isn't just about processing property transactions. It's about understanding that buying or selling a property can be one of the most monumental decisions a person makes in their lifetime.

It's about being there, right alongside our clients, every step of the way on their life-changing journey. Every day we are finding solutions and making it a stress free and enjoyable experience which we call “The Smart Coast Difference”.

🏆 Smart Coast Conveyancing has been awarded "Conveyancers of the Year 2023 - New South Wales" at the APAC Client Service Excellence Award 2023🏅

I'm continually inspired by my teammates, especially those with heart sizes that seem impossible to contain within a human chest. Our clients aren’t just names on paper; they become a part of our extended family. To us, every file isn't just a dollar sign or a file with a number but a life story, a dream, and the next chapter in someone’s journey.

Let me share the story of my colleague and business partner, Kellie Cary.

Apart from her dedication at Smart Coast Conveyancing, Kellie showcases the epitome of selfless love. She recently embarked on the awe-inspiring journey of surrogacy, gifting the miracle of life to close friends. Her story isn’t just about her incredible gesture; it reflects the very essence that runs through our team at Smart Coast.

Kellie Cary, Smart Coast Conveyancing as featured in Brilliant-Online
Kellie Cary

In an age where many would take a sabbatical for such a life-altering event, Kellie was right there at her desk hours before leaving for hospital and just a week after the birth she was back to it, seamlessly blending her passion for her work with her passion for helping others.

Her gift was more than just the physical act of carrying a child; it was a testament to the power of human connection and the depths to which people can go to change the lives of others for the better.

Baby James came into this world happy and healthy and blessed by human kindness. It is our hope that this one incredible gift results in so many possibilities that will continue to spread.

Baby James and his proud parents Chris and Ash

Who knows how Baby James will grow and impact this world. Will he be a part of the next generation of super heroes?

Whilst there is nothing certain, all we know is that from little things, big things grow!

Every superhero story offers an invaluable lesson, a beacon of hope. From Kellie’s story, I’ve learned that the most impactful gestures often come from the places we least expect. Heroes like her don’t just bring joy into one life; they give us all hope and inspiration that we can all be better people.

The Smart Coast Team are all heroes

So, while comic book superheroes soar in the skies, I’m blessed to be amidst heroes at Smart Coast Conveyancing. Working every day in a team that genuinely cherishes the people behind every decision to buy or sell a property.

Sure, we don’t wear capes at Smart Coast, but our service to others? Undeniably super.

If you would like to experience the Smart Coast Difference, call us today on (02) 6519 4933.


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