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Paws and Properties: Navigating Strata Law with Your Furry Friends

Updated: Apr 9

To all of my two-legged and four-legged readers out there! If you're a proud pet parent and also in the market for a new strata property, or if you're already living the high-rise life and considering bringing home a fur baby, this article is purr-fectly tailored for you.

My name is Jessica Gray and I am a licenced conveyancer and owner of Smart Coast Conveyancing which operates NSW wide. I am the only 24/7 service in NSW and 100% digital.

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So anytime you need me, I am here to make your property journey stress free and even enjoyable. We offer a free advice service and have someone 7 days a week to take your call.

Understanding Strata Laws

Strata properties, with their shared facilities and close-knit community, often come with a unique set of rules. Think of these as the community's very own 'house rules'. Among these are regulations about our beloved pets. Most owners corporations will require you to write to the strata manager if you have a pet or want to get one. Check the scheme’s by-laws to see what the process is and what information is needed for approval.

The Good News and the "Tail-Twisting" News

First, let's get some good vibes going! There's been a growing trend towards being pet-friendly, probably because the decision makers have heart-melting moments every time they see a Labrador puppy (who wouldn't?).

But, here comes the tail-twisting part - some strata schemes have restrictions. These might range from the types of pets allowed to their sizes, and even behaviour but an owners corporation cannot stop you from owning a pet unless the pet causes ‘unreasonable interference’ - for example, it is a dangerous or restricted dog or makes constant noise and repeatedly causes damage.

Your pet or pets must not disturb other residents in your scheme. Owners corporations can create their own rules for pets. However, by-laws banning all pets are not valid and banning animals based on size, type, or quantity, will not be valid in most circumstances.

Why All The Rules?

The primary reason for these regulations isn't because the management has a vendetta against Mr. Whiskers. It's more about ensuring the peace and quiet of all residents. Pets, much as we adore them, can sometimes cause disturbances.

If you have concerns about another resident’s pet, try speaking to the pet owner first. They might not know about the problem, for example if a dog is barking non-stop when they are at work. When talking to the pet owner, remember that pets are often seen as ‘part of the family’. Be friendly and pick a good time for both you and the pet owner.

Some schemes have an internal dispute process that you could use. Ask your strata committee or strata manager if there is one.

A Helping Paw

Still feeling a little ruff around the edges with all these rules and regulations? You're not alone, and that's why we're here. Reach out to us, and we'll help guide you and your furry (or scaly or feathery) companion through the maze of strata property laws. After all, home isn't just where the heart is; it's where your pet eagerly waits for you!

Do remember, while we love weaving in a bit of fun into our advice, when it comes to the actual laws, we're as serious as a dog with a bone.. Need some guidance? Don't paws – contact us!


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