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The Rooms are Alive, with the Sound of Music

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Linn's Space Optimisation

Digital interaction that’s transformed so many aspects of everyday life for the better is now applied to the world of hi-fi music.

Innovative industry leader Linn has introduced a high-tech marvel for owners of their music systems that lets them move speakers into their ideal room position, without even getting up from the sofa.

Digital Dovetailing

This virtual speaker placement is at the heart of Linn’s Space Optimisation - sophisticated acoustic modelling that matches up speakers with a room’s individual characteristics to open up true musical sound.

Forget about lugging speakers around a room and spending hours tinkering with them to find their best position – now you can sit with your smartphone and use Space Optimisation to move and adjust them.

Digitally dovetailing speakers with a room in this way takes all the guesswork out of speaker positioning - and means furniture doesn’t have to be moved around to accommodate them.

Virtual Reality

Owners simply use their Space Optimisation on Linn’s website to input the room’s individual dimensions, and characteristics like windows and other materials that can affect sound quality.

They key-in their listening position and the physical locations of the speakers – then virtually place them into their ideal positions.

If the best sound is achieved when the speakers are seven feet apart, but that isn’t practical because furniture’s in the way, they can just stay where they have to be - and Space Optimisation will re-create the ideal sound of seven feet apart.

This means the sound becomes completely bespoke to the room and its listeners – it’s like the difference between off-the-peg and fine tailoring.


Further refining – such as setting ambient room temperature and sound options to suit various music styles – is also inputted and adjusted until the room’s personal sound nirvana is attained.

The digital delight of Space Optimisation is also available for use in speakers of other leading hi-fi companies.

But if this all sounds a daunting proposition for non-tech music aficionados, there’s no need for them worry - it’s all part of the set-up services from the specialists of Linn’s dealer network.

Linn has a deserved reputation for sophisticated hi-fi systems that make music come alive - this chic tweak makes rooms come alive too.


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