Simplify your life with Hauslein Tiny House Co.

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

German for Small Cabin or Cottage ...

Guten Tag! A ‘Häuslein’ is a small dwelling with a big heart.

It’s warm, the lights are on, you’re welcome here. We named our company Häuslein Tiny House Co because of our German heritage as well as our appreciation for German quality engineering which we seek to reflect in our tiny house builds.

Expertise comes from experience.

Minimalism isn’t achieved by having less, but rather precisely what you need.

Durability doesn’t come quickly, it’s a process that is steeped in time and attention to detail. It’s these tenets that drive the growing team at Häuslein Tiny House Co. to keep refining its offering whilst building more tiny homes in line with growing demand. Häuslein Tiny House Co. was started in Port Macquarie by a group of four friends who wanted to make a big impact in people’s lives by showing what can be accomplished with ... less!

They wanted to promote the simplified, less-stressed life where individuals can be refreshed, productive, and better able to contribute back to the world around them. In 2018 they built the first Häuslein Tiny House, and, with overwhelming interest and engagement, it sold in a matter of weeks beginning a snowball effect of growth.

There is something about simplicity that beckons most of us in these unprecedented, hectic and complex times. Many of us want to pare back to the basics so we can thrive (not just juggle) and focus on the things that really matter. It seems that the tiny house movement is playing a bigger than expected role for a growing number of individuals and families.

The philosophy behind the pragmatic aspect of the builds came from the two years Co-Founders Sarah and Scott Rohdich decided to live small in a tiny home themselves.

The drive to make it as ‘home-friendly’ gave them the impetus to carve out a niche among tiny home builders and design/construct a tiny home that felt like a normal home. You won’t see any drop-down beds, fold out lounges or cramped headspaces in a Hauslein Tiny House. Rather you’ll find stairs that feel normal to climb, lofts you can stand up in, full kitchens with space for full-sized fridges and all the creature comforts of home - just with a smaller overall footprint.

They named their company Häuslein Tiny House Co. because of the German heritage of a couple of the founders as well as the combined appreciation of German quality engineering - Häuslein being German for 'small house or small cabin'. This is referenced in every aspect of the build, in both materials and how they are put together.

Building tiny homes in Port Macquarie was an easy decision as the Mid North Coast boasts so much access to the lifestyle that the brand wants to amplify.

Developing the growing team meant finding staff that were aligned with the direction and philosophy of the brand - another benefit of being in this region. Now with 15+ staff, they are able to manufacture Tiny Houses and have successfully installed them up and down the entire east coast of Australia.

The average build time of one of their tiny houses is around 2.5 - 3 months and encompasses everything from fabrication of the highly-engineered trailers to the interior fit-out and finish - supplying a turn-key solution to tiny living.

Häuslein enjoyed the wider press and engagement after being featured in a Better Homes and Gardens TV segment as well as being one of the most visited exhibits at the annual Tiny House Carnival. They still have people book in for workshop tours after having seen them at the show in Sydney.

So what does 2021 and onwards have in store for the team? Sustainable growth is what they’re after.

Growing a manufacturing company from four to 15 staff in two and a half years doesn’t come easy in regional NSW and they’ve expanded their workshop to manage the consistent demand.

Now at the limits of their previous workshop expansion, the team are looking into ways of maximising their brand's footprint and capacity all the while still being based in Port Macquarie, NSW. Fair enough - the Mid North Coast is a hard place to leave once you settle here!