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The Brilliant Power of Numbers with Desley Polmear

✦ Discover the power of numerology today, and how your birthdate reveals your unique powers.

Brilliant Online readers will know Desley Polmear well and have enjoyed her murder mystery trilogy of Unlocked Secrets, Just Before Midnight and Payback. What you may not know is she is also well-versed in the art of numerology.

Do you know the power of your life number and your personal year number?  Do you have a master number? 11 - 22 or 33.

In 2024, the number 8 holds universal significance. This year is all about embracing and harnessing your personal power, while also reaping the rewards of your hard work. It is crucial to express yourself and make your voice heard in 2024. The number 8, with its two circles representing infinity, symbolizes abundance and prosperity.

Did you know that your birthdate reveals your unique powers?

Numerology | Desley Polmear | Brilliant Online
Numbers can reveal hidden messages for a life change!

Knowing your numbers can help you in your life’s journey. Each year it’s important to know your personal number, 1 to 9 and what they mean for you. 

For more than five decades, Desley Polmear has been providing numerology readings, asserting that uncovering your life path number and personal year number can greatly benefit your everyday life. By understanding these numbers, you can gain valuable insights into why you experience certain emotions or desires, such as the urge for a career change or a potential relocation.

Are you curious to know what your unique numbers mean to you? Phone Desley on 0475244028 for a personal reading!

Contact Desley Polmear:

+61 475 244 028

Contact Desley Polmear, numerologist for your personal reading | Brilliant-Online


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