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Wauchope author Desley Polmear is ready to release "Poetic Justice"

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

✦ Wauchope local, Desley Polmear, is gearing up to launch the Wauchope Friday writer’s short story book at the Port Macquarie library on the 24th November at 10.30.

Desley facilitates the writers at the Wauchope library on a Friday. All the writers have contributed to the book, “Poetic Justice.” The writers amaze me as most of them had never written before and they have produced great stories.

In 2022, the Wauchope Friday writers group published their short story book, “Stories around the kitchen table,” and it was well received. It goes to show, if you put pen to paper, it’s amazing what can happen.

Desley Polmear's writers at the Wauchope library | Brilliant-Online
The writers at the Wauchope library

Ms Polmear has become a best-selling author after writing a murder mystery trilogy Unlocked Secrets, Just before Midnight and Payback. Her book, Shattered is set in the local area. Fractured Souls is set in Wales, UK and Australia. She has also written an inspirational verse book, an autobiography of her early years, and has made contributions to other local anthologies.

Poetic Justice is now available for purchase. Get your copy here!

Desley Polmear, Author | Brilliant-Online
Desley Polmear, Author

Ms Polmear’s stories in her novels are fiction but are about real family lives. People relate because they usually know someone who has lived a similar life or even themselves. Desley has her ears wide open at all times listening for a story. Her passions in life are reading, writing, and watercolour and acrylic painting. She also loves live shows, like musicals and plays.

Poetic Justice Launch

Come along to the Port Macquarie library on November 24th at 10.30am to meet the writers and hear about their writing journey.

Bookings are essential. Phone the library on: 65818755


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