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Desley Polmear's Writing Group launched their first book, "Stories Around the Kitchen Table"

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

✦Book lovers out there know Desley Polmear's name. She´s the author of Shattered, which is set locally, and Fractured Souls, which is her latest book. And Desley is sharing her writing skills with budding writers in the community!

If you live in Wauchope you'd be excited to know that Desley calls Wauchope home now and is very much involved in the artistic culture of the area. Desley speaks at libraries, and has been a guest speaker at women and men’s clubs in the Hastings area and grassroots writers’ festivals. She's also the best selling author of the murder mystery trilogy - Unlocked Secrets, Just Before Midnight and Payback.

Desley Polmear invites budding writers to attend writers workshops for inspiration as featured in Brilliant-Online
Desley Polmear's budding writers launched their new book "Stories Around the Kitchen Table"

A lover of life experiences, Desley has travelled extensively and her interests are so wide ranging you wouldn't run out of conversation topics if you get the chance to chat with her. Arts, music, theatre or acrylic and watercolour painting, Desley has got the most interesting things to share.

Her zest for life is highly infectious and she has used this exuberance to help others. It was inevitable that at some point, someone would ask Desley to share her gift for writing with others.

We want to write!

In 2021, a few ladies spoke to Desley about starting a workshop for budding writers. And if you know Desley well, you can guess her answer was an enthusiastic YES! and she lost no time in holding the first writers workshop right in her own home in Wauchope.

Friday, May 2021, 10am. The ladies had a strong start to their day with tea and scones for energy, and then they got down to writing. None of the ladies had ever written a lengthy story before. But that didn't stop them. It helped that Desley was leading the workshop and her warm and supportive nature really helped to tease out the hidden writer in them.

Desley Polmear workshops offer a friendly and supportive environment for budding writers as featured in Brilliant-Online
Desley Polmear workshops offer a friendly and supportive environment for writers of all levels

Power of Pen on Paper

The group carried on writing for weeks about different subjects. Desley had an idea to bring everyone's creativity together. She photocopied ten people and got everyone to name the characters. Each week, the ladies brainstormed and buzzed together and added more details to their stories. The fictitious relationships among the characters started to grow and form. This sparked off lots of ideas and three writers told their own stories about these ten characters. The end result was beautiful. Each writer created a completely different story. It was indisputable proof that each and every person in that room has the ability to create, to imagine and to write.

The book is published - "Stories Around the Kitchen Table"

In the second part of the book, the ladies wrote a few short stories each and Desley couldn't be prouder of them. She made a promise to have their work published by the end of 2022 and so Desley phoned a good friend, Michael Davies the author, and asked if he would be happy to publish the book, "Stories Around the Kitchen Table".

And of course, he was delighted to. For many of these ladies, this is more than just a dream come true. It's a testament to the power of belief in what we can do if we just take that first step and put pen to paper.

Launch dates and sale of the book

If this is inspiring for you, you'd want to soak up more of this magical feeling. Take note of these dates:

Friday, 25th November, 10:30am

Desley’s writing group has a launch at the Port Macquarie library. The mayor, Peta Pinson will be opening the launch. It's not Ms. Pinson's first time opening Desley's book launch, and she is always happy to return.

Friday, 2nd December 10am

Desley's writing group are having a talk at the Wauchope Library about the writing journey and their new book.

Friday, 16th December

Saturday, 17th December

Stuart Doherty from the Wauchope Creative Hub has offered the writers a space to sit and talk to customers about the book and their writing journey.

Here's what some of the writers have to say about their writing journey:

After years of writing short stories but never telling or showing anyone, finally my dream has come true. I’m so proud of myself and the other ladies. And what a fabulous feeling to see my words in print. - Joselyn Earle.

I met these ladies when serving them in our café. Once they were customers and now friends enjoying our new experience as writers. I feel so proud to be holding my first publication and I can’t wait for our next writing journey in 2023.- Sandy Curtin.

From a very young child I adored books and I have always been an avid reader. I remember once reading that everyone has a book in them, but for me the leap between reading someone else’s book to reading my own words in a book was always a leap too far, until I met local author, Desley Polmear who held the Friday morning writers’ group. It has been a wonderful year of challenge, achievement and new friendships for us all. - Carolyn Williams

You can buy this book at any of these events. Perhaps you're thinking about picking up that pen now and letting it guide your hand. Try it! And share your experience with Desley when you meet her at these events!

Contact Desley Polmear

Phone: +61 475 244 028


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29. Sept. 2022

Such a talented lady. Happy helpful and committed to her craft. A great mentor and inspiration to her students.

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