Tempest Minerals Ltd (ASX: TEM) is reaping its VMS reward for believing management

Updated: Apr 21

✦ Don Smith, Managing Director, Tempest Minerals Limited (ASX:TEM) shares the company's story of an exciting discovery in a previously ignored location.

Tempest Minerals is in the spotlight on the ASX now, with many companies watching their progress with envy.

On 28th March 2022, Tempest Minerals Ltd (ASX:TEM) made an announcement that is making the ASX sit up and take notice of them.

The essence of the announcement is this - the 709m drill hole that has come up with massive sulphides is in no doubt a discovery hole. Also, this is a Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (VMS) system, and all that remains is to ascertain its potential size, the endowment and if this will be an economic system.

For Don Smith, Managing Director of Tempest Minerals Limited, this is an exciting time for the company.

The company formerly known as Lithium Consolidated Limited is now riding on its exciting announcement. The location where the discovery took place was actually not thought of to be productive. Thanks to their management that discovered that the greenstones that hosted the Golden Grove VMS deposit may have diverted to the tenements that the company holds, they have found themselves a happy discovery. This could make the difference in creating a new mineralised province.

One has to get out there and explore and dig. An area like this that had never been pegged, thought of as not mineralised and ignored by previous explorers is now turning out to reveal something quite different.

Get the exciting news from Mr. Smith here:


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

02:26 Discovery Hole

02:56 How does the core compare to a typical VMS geology?

03:45 What does the geology tell you about the potential?

06:20 Was this a geology drill hole?

08:24 How much confidence do you draw from what you know now to your initial theory?

09:31 Any structural offsets?

10:05 Is depth of mineralisation a concern for you?

10:53 How will this discovery affect your other projects?

12:55 Mount Magnet Projects.

15:43 Where is the focus now?

16:41 Is this a VMS project?

17:08 How big is this system?

17:38 What is the news flow coming for Tempest?

18:25 Patience is paying off for shareholders. Exploration activities will be speeding up.

19:11 Don's sales pitch to Investors.