Wyacca Copper Project - Taruga Minerals is Unearthing a Giant Discovery in South Australia

Updated: Apr 13

Thomas Line, Chief Executive Officer of Taruga Minerals Limited (ASX:TAR) is bringing to light a potential Giant Copper deposit.

Mr. Line brings a great discussion on the company's latest announcement - the Drill Results and Exploration Update of the Wyacca Project. He explains why the company is confident with finding a giant motherlode based on the results so far.

If you have a deep curiosity about geology, this discussion is definitely your cup of coffee :) You may want to pull out your notepad and pen and get ready for some caffeine shots. There are lots of solid takeaways and what is really useful is also to see Thomas Line's train of thought and how he interprets the direction of the copper mineralisation at the project scale.

Wyacca has the potential to be a major copper discovery. Historical High Grade Copper mining at up to 40% Cu. - Thomas Line, CEO, Taruga Minerals Limited

Thomas Line, Chief Executive Officer of Taruga Minerals Limited, Noel Ong, Samso, featured by Brilliant-Online

Mr. Line's style of conversation is a very clear and detailed one. He breaks down for us what the VTEM™ (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic) figures mean and how they are helping to model the company's ongoing exploration strategy. What helps build confidence is also the importance of having a systematic process of understanding and executing a good exploration plan.

Follow Mr. Line's step-by-step explanation here:

  1. Why Wyacca?

  2. How to understand VTEM™ (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic)?

  3. What do the current results mean at Wyacca?

  4. Using Plate Modelling to differentiate non copper bearing sulphides.

  5. What is the news flow for Taruga Minerals Limited?

Watch the interview: Samso Rooster Talk Episode 45


00:00 Introduction

01:08 How are the recent results help your thinking at Wyacca?

05:29 All about Powder Hill

09:16 Coincidence of VTEM and Drilling - Is this a practical rule?

14:37 Exploration strategy to differentiate non copper bearing sulphides.

15:50 How the different VTEM timing mean for Taruga?

20:45 The reason why Taruga is a copper mineralising Tindelpina shale unit.

21:36 The plans for Taruga Minerals Limited in the next 12 months.

23:13 Conclusions


About Taruga Minerals Limited (ASX:TAR)

Taruga Minerals Limited (Taruga or the Company) is a mineral exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:TAR) with a focus on acquiring and developing highly prospective Gold, Copper and precious metals exploration projects in Australia.

CEO Thomas Line is supported by a highly credentialed Board, and has provided the Company with exposure to the exciting, under explored, High-Grade Flinders, Torrens and Mt Craig Copper-Gold-Silver Projects on the margin of the Gawler Craton, South Australia.

Wyacca Project

The Wyacca Mine (Cu) is located in the northern portion of the MCCP, Adelaide Fold Belt and was the first operational small-scale mine in the MCCP area.

The Wyacca Project area now expands over a 4.7km long by 1.5km wide alteration zone,

where multiple layers in the stratigraphy, not just the Tindelpina Shale, are now known to be mineralised.

Early-Time VTEM Anomaly Coincident with IP Anomaly at the Wyacca Project Area, Showing New Drill Results, Previous TAR Drilling Results, and Historical Drill Result Highlights.