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See Scotland on the Move!

Caravans, motorhomes and campervans have emerged as an increasingly popular way of travelling and experiencing new places.

Scotland is a country of magic and mystery with its mesmerising landscapes of rugged mountains and picturesque lochs peppered with ancient castles that hold enchanting stories. What's the best way to truly experience this beautiful country?

Many are turning back to a somewhat nomadic feel by opting for caravans, motorhomes and campervans. Imagine your very own hotel on wheels where you have full autonomy over where to linger, what to pass over and where to spend the night. It is comfort and freedom in one package.

As a land of breathtaking beauty, what better way to explore Scotland than to hop into your mobile home on wheels and start experiencing a Van Life type of holiday?

Scotland Photo: v2osk, Unsplash | Brilliant Online
Photo: v2osk, Unsplash

Benefits of Caravans, Motorhomes and Campervans


No more rigid itineraries. Being late for the tour bus. Rushing through a place trying to get it all on your Instagram and squeezing in a toilet break before hitting the road again. Or fretting about hotel reservations. You get to go on the road less travelled. You can have the best room views ever (without having to pay extra for it). Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea, or having coffee with views of majestic mountains in front of you.


Having your accommodation and transportation in one saves you money. You just need one caravan and you're done. No need to book a room or rent a car. If you're travelling with family or friends, you share the expenses such as gasoline and that helps with more savings.

No baggage worries

Packing a suitcase is not everyone's cup of tea. You fret about space, wondering if you really need that extra pair of socks and you still end up having to pay extra when you unload your suitcase on the scale at the airport. In your caravan, you can carry as many things as you need. This is great for families with children. Your kids can bring Spongebob and the entire Paw Patrol team.

Pets get to come too

Those with pets find they have to spend extra either getting a dog hotel or paying someone to come feed and look in on their cats while they are away. You worry if they are okay and your dogs get into an abandonment spiral while you are gone. With caravans, your pets get to travel with you. You save money, and they get to have the adventure of a lifetime!

Modern-day comforts

If you haven't heard much about caravans, you may be wondering why would anyone be trundling in rural Scotland on a rickety vehicle with big wheels and a bit of canvas stretched over for a roof. Modern caravans, motorhomes and campervans are stunning. They have become more functional with different capacities and it really is like entering a house when you step in. Like a house on wheels! From comfort, convenience to safety, modern caravans have you covered.

In fact, these vehicles even have their own exhibition and show nowadays. That's how popular they have become. The Scottish Caravan, Motorhome and Holiday Home Show took place in Glasgow recently. See more here.

Business Director of Vermilion Pinstripes UK Adam Hyslop visited the show. Take a look!

Close to nature

Many who opt for the Van Life are nature lovers and want to fully live and breathe the fresh air and greenery of Scotland. It offers the perfect option of going wherever your wheels can travel. Spot a unique castle? Pull the brakes, get out, and explore! Passing by an incredible lake? You can spend a few hours there immediately. Pull out your makeshift tables and chairs and set up a little spot to have a picnic. Lunch by the lake. Children especially love this way of travelling because they can stretch their legs and let their energies loose! Your pet dog will love this too. The Van Life offers a truly free way to travel and feel at one with nature.

But wait... what about electricity and water?

Scotland's Caravan Parks

With its increasingly popularity, Scotland has increased the number of well-equipped caravan parks throughout the country. You can find excellent facilities such as electric hook-ups, waste disposal points, shower blocks, Wi-Fi etc. Others also come with pools and playgrounds for the children and cafes and restaurants. Those who have an electric vehicle can also find sites with EV charging points. Learn more about camping and caravanning in Scotland here.

Free your adventurous spirit

Adam Hyslop is no stranger to exploration and we covered an amazing story of his travels through China with his trusty steed, or dog, Talisker for company. Read about the Scotsman and the Border Collie's Chinese odyssey here.

So, are you excited about starting your very own Van Life adventure soon? Why not take a drive along the famous North Coast 500 route (the Scottish version of Route 66)? It's an 830km scenic route around the north coast of Scotland. You'll start and end at Inverness Castle and is one of the most beautiful tours you can ever do. Share your caravanning adventures with us!



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