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Providing healthy, nutritious food to the local community is a passion

Updated: Jun 23

A regenerative farmer, Rebecca Armstrong, along with husband Peter, produce pasture raised and chemical free eggs, chicken, pork and beef along with a small herd of dorper sheep and a small rhubarb patch.

The 176 acre property on the beautiful Comboyne Plateau, Grazed & Grown Farm supplies households and businesses with nutritional food for all ages. Rebecca has a passion for food security, cutting down the farms footprint and keeping their great nutritional produce local.

“If you would have said to me 10 years ago... 'You're going to own a farm one day'... I would have laughed! I have always had a passion for animals, growing up in Sydney we always had a dog, but I think now I have so much more love and respect for animals as they are a great tool and asset, not only to our farm and our lives, but to the whole food chain business,” Rebeccatold us.

“As women we usually put so much pressure on ourselves without thinking about it. So not only is it hard to run a household and the day to day chores, but with the farm there is all the feeding and moving of animals, maintenance and then the office work as well,” she added. “Farming is hard work. Body strength is essential and often my physic is overlooked. I am strong mentally and physically and I will always try before giving up.”

Passion for nutrition and food security

There are so many great farmers/producers in our region producing some outstanding produce. Rebecca and Peter are constantly working with food nutritionists to make sure their animals are getting the best feed that they can give them, which in the end will provide the building blocks for their customers' bodies.

Having a desire for wellness and a love for the land Rebecca and her family call Grazed & Grown Farm, the family grow as much of their own food as possible, and source other foods locally from like minded people.

“It’s no secret that a healthy diet supports a healthy body and a healthy mind. My passion is in farming the most nutrient dense food possible without the use of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. To do this we nurture the land itself through regenerative practices.”

Innovation, change and protecting the environment

So far, the addition of a commercial kitchen has been one of the biggest changes on the farm. Being able to value add to their produce and supply customers with healthier alternatives to price driven products currently available is very rewarding to Rebecca.

We are farming to provide ourselves with the most nutrient dense food available. It is our pleasure to offer our produce to the local marketplace, direct to our customers and at an affordable cost, because fresh nutritious foods shouldn’t cost the earth.”

When asked what a business can adopt to make Earth a better place? Rebecca suggested, “Think about what you can do to improve your customer's life. When you truly care about your customers' health and wellbeing, you start to build a strong and resilient community where values are held high and people feel loved.”

She believes that by supporting other local, like minded businesses and working together with a goal of improving each other's happiness and prosperity, will help businesses be sustainable.

“Helping others succeed at their dreams will make your business stronger too,” she added.

“I believe that 2023 is shaping up to be a year of change and growth. Many people visit our farm and tell us about their dreams of a change in lifestyle, and we are starting to see people follow their dreams. This is an exciting time, and the community is embracing people who are willing to give it a go.”

Rebecca’s one wish for 2023… By sharing our passion and journey with others, we can encourage another individual or family to have a crack and turn their dream into a reality.


Grazed & Grown Farm

Ph: Peter 0419 219 994

Ph: Rebecca 0400 164 270


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