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Feel Good February at Grazed & Grown Farm

✦ It’s the time of year that we think about all the good things that go into our farm, and how they are magically transformed into incredible produce with the potential ability to nourish our cells, alter our emotions and bolster our immune system.

What exactly is “Feeling Good”? "I would have to say when I’m feeling good, my head is clear, my body is ache free and I have adequate energy," said Pete "Forget That! We’d rather have “Feel Fantastic February!"

This is when our whole body is “In the zone”

We have excess energy, our muscles are charged and ready for action, our mind is free and fired up and we are full of happiness and positivity. The difference is like flying economy or flying first class on your holiday.

To feel fantastic, we need to mind our sleep, exercise a bit, get outdoors, keep hydrated and give our bodies all the nutrients they need. Let’s take a quick look at nutrients, as getting enough High Quality nutrients is vital to feeling fantastic.


We’ve all heard about “superfoods”, and most of us have tried at least a few of them. Goji berries, chia seeds, blueberries and turmeric are some good examples. What makes them Superfoods is the amount of compounds they contain which are beneficial to a person’s health.

Superfoods we are more familiar with include eggs, bone broths, red meat, and dairy, but they

are only as good as the compounds they contain.

Imagine how beneficial blueberries would be if they were grown on a sandy beach and sprayed with toxic chemicals.

Just about as beneficial as an egg from a caged chicken fed on antibiotics to keep it alive in that toxic environment.

That’s where the good news starts

Grazed & Grown Farm put a lot of thought into how we can get the most nutrients and beneficial compounds into our produce, because feeling fantastic is important to us. The short version goes like so. Superfoods come from super animals that graze on super pastures grown on super soils.

The longer version - We have selected quality Heritage breeds suited to our environment. The diverse forage they graze on has been selected by our animal nutritionist to include Superfoods for their needs.

This forage is grown in a rich volcanic soil with a diverse microbial community that obtains its Superfoods from the nutrients deposited in the manure of our animals.

Top picks from the farm shop for Feeling Fantastic

* Bone broths, chicken, beef and pork, all slow cooked with plenty of collagen

* Beef mince varieties – Get some Super in your mince with 5% added heart, liver or kidney

* Sausages – Try the Paleo snag made from beef Super mince, with added pork fat to balance out the fat profile

* Pastured eggsGrazed & Grown Farm have become well known for having the best eggs in the region. No surprise there when you consider their diet.

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Grazed & Grown Farm

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