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Delicious, Nutritious, Artisan Ice Cream from the Comboyne Plateau

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

✦ At just 15 years of age, Miah Armstrong has started her own business, Hilltop Natural Ice Cream, making her incredibly delicious and health benefiting alternative ice cream and frozen yoghurt.

Miah’s blends are designed to make you feel better, a healthy alternative, a healthy ice cream. Her products are available from her parents' farm shop at Grazed & Grown Farm and she is currently on the look out for outlets. Her produce is made from healthy ingredients sourced locally on the Comboyne Plateau. Her intention is to give back to her community as much as possible.

She’s had challenges in business

Time. As she is only 15 and still in High School it is hard to find the time to grow her business.

She told us, “Whilst going to school, work and running a business can be tricky, I have great friends and family who help me out in all areas of my life, most of which I wouldn't be here without.”

Hilltop Natural Ice Cream started out small a couple of years ago, and Miah says she is learning from scratch how to successfully run a business; all the while striving to perfect the healthiest and tastiest ice cream around. Sales have only increased this year as the business continues on a larger scale.

In 2019 she stumbled upon her parents' 2L Cuisinart Ice-cream churner and decided to have some fun. She started making a traditional vanilla ice cream, just the way it used to be. It became a constant occurrence throughout the COVID lockdowns, simple to make and great to slurp up on a hot day.

Last year she decided she wanted to share her creation with others, so signed up for a business start up workshop.

Whilst balancing school, work and life she has registered the business and is ready to be pumping out ice cream for her local community.

She told us, “I have been selling from our family farm shop for over a year now and receive nothing but great feedback. If you, or someone you know would be interested in stocking my ice cream or for more information please reach out.”

Goals, Protecting Earth and Sustainability

To be able to produce delicious and healthy ice cream from local ingredients is Miah’s main goal, and she intends to be carbon neutral.

“One of the ways I’m offsetting my carbon footprint is by using regenerative farming techniques. I use eggs straight off our family farm and our own homemade vanilla extract. I also source the highest quality ingredients from reputable suppliers, such as milk from Jimmy Eggert at Hastings Riverlands, as I’m focused on putting the flavour and health benefits before profit.”

Miah believes in order to make our Earth a better place, businesses need to adopt changes, some may be great and some small.

“I personally believe that supporting local business, lowering our carbon footprint and feeding our bodies the most nutritious food, are all highly necessary changes for a business to adopt for the sake of themselves, others and the Earth,” she said.

Sustainability is also a vital part in owning a business.

“A key benefit of being sustainable is ensuring a better life for present and future generations," expained Miah. "One small improvement to a business to insure its sustainability is using renewable and/or biodegradable products. Among other benefits, biodegradable products are eco-friendly and break down in a natural environment without leaving any toxins.”

Miah’s wish for 2023... To provide the local community with my delicious ice cream and frozen yoghurt products, build my brand awareness and be able to show others that by eating healthy alternatives, flavour doesn't need to be compromised.


Miah Armstrong


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