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Port Macquarie Hastings Council, Live and local music development project

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

✦ Port Macquarie Hastings Council are excited to be part of the Live and Local program, being delivered across our area in partnership with the Live Music Office.

What to expect in Port Macquarie's music scene in 2022

Live and Local is a comprehensive capacity-building program which responds directly to the need to increase participation in Australia’s local live music scene, and provides a platform for delivering live music activity that is innovative, flexible and sustainable.

A Live and Local program consists of:

  • A series of micro-festival music events

  • A dedicated professional development campaign

  • An industry forum event to support development for a live music action plan informed by the experience, engagement and information gained through the program.

The program stimulates employment opportunities for musicians, particularly young and emerging, in local communities to sustain their music practice and perform locally, while supporting economic and cultural activity and developing cultural destinations for music lovers.

How to get involved

A Live Music Census has closed but we would love to hear from all musicians and businesses/venues who would like to be part of our region's live music scene. Even if you have not previously hosted live music or played locally yet, you are encouraged to express your interest, and find out how the Live and Local program can play ‘match-maker’ between local musicians and business/venues.

Live and Local Working Group

This group has been appointed and made up of various sectors of the local community. Facilitated by Council, the group work together on a regular basis to support the growth of the live music scene.

Live and Local Curator

Lisa Willows has now joined the Working Group to design and plan the remainder of the program with guidance from the Live Music Office and support by Cultural and Economic Development staff.

Lisa has vast knowledge and experience in working with musicians, including organising large events such as the Howling Moon Festival, the newly created Vibez in the Vines, and has commenced work on producing uniquely local micro-festivals as well as assisting the coordination of professional development and industry forum.

Get in touch with the Live and Local Curator by emailing

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