Pam Hata, Professional Musician

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Spreading a Magical Musical Message

Pam Hata is an artist who plays to the beat of her own drum, fashioning a vivid vision of her own musical future and the music scene of her adopted Australian stamping ground.

This talented musician with a heart full of original songs, big voice and quirky stage presence hails from the Land of the Long White Cloud – Aotearoa, New Zealand – and now bases herself in Port Macquarie and the Lower Clarence region.

Pam Hata, professional musician with a soulful voice featured on Brilliant Online Magazine
Pam Hata, professional musician with a soulful voice

Photo credit: Craig Mason of East Coast Photography

Pam is a full-time independent solo artist playing a soulful blend of blues, R&B, funk, reggae and roots covers, as well as a repertoire of original material.

Her stage shows are memorable and engaging, with unique performances of favourites and originals blended in storming mash-ups that get toes tapping and hands clapping.

Adding to all this musical energy is Pam’s personal line of merchandise - funky one-off items crafted by local artisans.

On Stage

Pam has supported acts and shared stages with the big names like Busby Merou, Wolf Mother, Booseeka, Gold Member, The Beautiful Girls, Kalidad, Claud Hay, Pete Murray, Frank Sultana, Austin Alsop and most recently Ash Grundwald with Brad Cox and Chris Rose at the region’s first post-COVID festival “Live At The Smokehouse.”

It’s these shows that quickly gained her an organic following and momentum on the festival circuit.

But with the music industry battered by swathes of COVID-19 restrictions, Pam tuned-up to challenge the musical torpor and support local communities

Undismayed, she kept up her musical profile online and carefully worked around the restrictions with a string of shows conforming to safety regulations.

Completing two single releases on her debut tour of Australia, together with one international tour in the past three years on her own and with a band, Pam spent 2020 writing her new series of original EPs - “Raw” and “Wild.”

WILD by Pam Hata featured on Brilliant Online Magazine
WILD by Pam Hata

Acknowledgment: The photo above was taken by Bobby Rose Photography and Makeup by Abbie Taylor

And in an initiative to support her fellow musicians, she launched a live movement online through a physical and virtual collective - “Original Sound Lounge” - via the Pluto Entertainment website.

“This is what I want to do with my life and I’m doing it!” she says.

“Despite the industry being in ruin I refuse to stop. I don’t know how to be literally everything else and, in the end, it always comes back to this - I’m an artist, I’m independent and I want to constantly learn and support professionals in the industry to better my craft and eventually release my first independent album.”

She can take heart from the success of one of her ventures - now in operation for the fourth year, Original Sound Lounge survived COVID-19 and has actually experienced growth!

Online Festival

COVID also presented opportunities for staging music online: “I created my first online festival named 'Fox Fest' during COVID with my good friends at Pluto Entertainment, who were all out of work at the time. This was an all female line up, we did this to keep musicians paid and performing on real stages and look forward to the event being held annually now.”

“We picked up a world of new artists and fans and expanded from the Mid North Coast to the northern rivers, providing exclusive COVID-safe arts showcases to areas that really need it,” says Pam.

“And I’m happy to say nearly all have been sold out since restrictions have lifted.”

“This is my way of giving back - I love the communities we live and play in, and most of all the people who come to see us like the Mum and Dad locally-owned venues that support us."

“It’s so important we look after each other and this was the best way I knew how. You roll over and die - or you get up!"

“We literally had nothing to lose with these two hands, six strings and hopes and dreams!"

Pam has spent the holiday season touring the East Coast again - around border closures and COVID outbreaks.

In doing so she’s been showing support for communities and musicians determined to continue to keep music appreciators connected at their favourite local venues and festival stages.