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The Lyrical

Performing at Vibez in the Vines, Cassegrain Winery on Saturday, 2nd October 2021

Karl Smith has been performing since 2000, starting out as a busker in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Back in his hip-hop crew days, a fellow rapper, Day Know, jokingly described Karl as “The Lyrical Shaman” and he has been trying to live up to that name ever since.

The Lyrical cut his teeth on the streets busking three nights a week and quickly became a well-known music champion to the thousands who stopped to dance and play along over the years.

"I love busking," tells Karl, “It’s the best way to talk to everyday people with your music, and when you busk, you hear the real truth about it. If people don't like it, they tell you! If they think you're inspiring, they tell you that too. It's great!". This authentic feedback has translated into a wonderful stage presence, a one of a kind gig and the audience’s appreciation is clear!

Growing up in the Solomon Islands, a lot of his music is influenced by his early years. Not just traditional music of the islands, but arguably dated pop music and Disney songs he was exposed to as a kid. While living in Honiara he began playing and creating music with his neighbour Tommy (a.k.a. Solomon from Flow Etiquette).

They developed their passion for music together, sitting near the radio whilst copying the music with their mouths because they had no instruments.

"If we weren't doing that, we were drumming on cardboard boxes with chopsticks or blowing through a plastic pipe," Karl says of his childhood with a reminiscent laugh.

"I didn't actually even learn guitar till my older brother gave me one around 10 years ago and to this day I cannot read a note of music."

Twenty years later The Lyrical has transitioned to main stages, delighting people with his unique tunes and upbeat energy and has topped the Triple J Unearthed charts, seven times.

"With an infectious blend of roots, reggae and hip hop in tow, The Lyrical commands a strong stage presence as he spits his politically charged and socially conscious expressions" -

The Lyrical” has become a rising star of the live music scene. Following in the footsteps of Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Michael Franti and Xavier Rudd, “The Lyrical” reflects the ingenuity and musical aptitude it takes to be a great artist. The "Unique blend of beat-boxing meshed with folk guitar and socially conscious lyrics is fast becoming the hottest ticket in town,” (City News).

The Lyrical has toured Australia and internationally and released a hugely popular self-titled album, “The Lyrical,” to critical acclaim. He has shared the stage and played with the likes of Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals, Angus Stone, Jack Johnson, Michael Franti and Blue King Brown and has graced many festival stages including; BIG DAY OUT, Bluesfest, Caloundra Music Festival, Red Deer Festival, Sprung festival, Party in The Paddock, Island Vibes Festival, Grotto Fest, Festival Of The Sun plus many, many more.

See The Lyrical and his band perform in Port Macquarie on Saturday October 2nd at Vibez in the Vines, at Cassegrain Winery with GANGgajang, Karl S. Williams, Salt and Steel, James Bennett, Slippery Gypsees, The War Room, Ruby Blunt and the Dhoongang Dancers.

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