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Updated: Jan 18

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There is no doubt that Christmas is simply a brilliant time of year!

It is undeniably most people’s favourite occasion when families convene, presents are shared, delectable food and drinks are consumed and merriment galore is had by all.

This Christmas will, no doubt, be different due to the fallout of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are living in a “Never Normal” world, something even the festive period cannot escape.

That’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom and there is reason for cheer above and beyond that of the usual festive kind, however. Following recent positive announcements from the Federal government, selected restrictions are being eased and we look forward with confidence to a return to some form of normality. Many shops and businesses will be allowed to reopen to welcome Christmas shoppers at the busiest time of year. However, there is no escape that the pandemic has already shaped our habits and behaviour and the usual methods of preparation will be different, with shopping for presents and associated festive items being the most obvious one.

As with many other daily routines relating to work, school and contact with friends and loved ones, we have progressed very much to an online lifestyle. With much, if not all, of our retail purchases ahead of our “COVID normal Christmas” taking place online it has meant businesses in the sector have had to plan much earlier than usual.

As such, the time for businesses planning for Christmas to act is NOW!

As shoppers increasingly turn online, so their options increase. Like anything in life, when we are presented with more choices we, naturally, become more selective. Businesses that procrastinate will suffer and, sadly, be left behind. It is a harsh reality of the modern world but a true one.

According to research, 85% of Australian-based shoppers in a “normal year” start their Christmas shopping three months out, 40% before the end of October with 47% doing so just month ahead of the big day.

This year, however, over 20% have already started their Christmas shopping, predominantly to ensure their items arrive in a timely manner with concerns around prolonged delivery dates and shipping logistics, etc. Some shoppers also expressed concern at diminishing stock levels and thus want to get their orders in early to avoid disappointment.

These kinds of figures send a clear message to local businesses and retailers that NOW is the time to act and start promoting your festive offerings!

This call to action is supported by statistics on retail marketing campaigns that state a 3-4 month gestation period is absolutely essential. Competition is fierce, especially in the cyber world with that plethora of choices, so capturing customers’ attention and sending the right message in a timely manner is crucial.

This is where Brilliant-Online can help local businesses with Multichannel Interactive Advertising campaigns that are proven to work. Better still, we are running a promotional Christmas campaign for local businesses that offers a free $100 advertising voucher – as a local business owner, you could well claim Christmas has indeed come early! Find out more here.

Keeping it local

Brilliant-Online is dedicated to supporting and promoting local business. Given the facts outlined above in regards to shoppers veering online, shining the light on local business has become more critical than ever before. We all want to see the community thrive and local business are the cornerstone of this. Online shopping obviously widens the net of options for buyers meaning local businesses run the risk of being overlooked for a provider elsewhere in Australia or even globally. Why send your hard earned dollars to the likes of corporate behemoths such as Amazon when supporting local business, often family run and generations old, is much, much more rewarding?