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The Happiest Gingerbread Folk Ever

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

✦ From the Blue Mountains of Australia, Gingerbread Folk bakes traditional, chocolate and gluten-free gingerbread.

When you meet the team at Gingerbread Folk and see how joyful they are, it just makes you want to quit your job and join them in making their beautiful Gingerbread Folk cookies.

The magic ingredient Gingerbread Folk has is simply this - to live responsibly and with kindness.

They are much more than just a business, and it is not about having a production line that manufactures run-of-the-mill gingerbread men for Christmas.

Owners with a vision

Karen and Dom are the owners of Gingerbread Folk. The story of Gingerbread Folk has always been about baking cookies with a conscience.

In 2000, they left behind a corporate lifestyle - Karen was an architect and Dom a marine biologist. They were attracted by the beauty of the Australian outback and, with the freedom to visualise new directions, they started a small baking business in the Blue Mountains. Gingerbread Folk was founded on the belief that business has a higher purpose. It goes beyond just profit. Gingerbread Folk embraces ethical initiatives.

“We’re proud to be part of the conscious capitalism movement. As we share our values through Gingerbread Folk, our business has a higher purpose aside from just making a profit.”

What makes Gingerbread Folk so special

It begins with choosing to say Gingerbread Folk instead of gingerbread man (or woman!). There is something so friendly and homey with their choice of ´folk´ that you want to order not just one box but a whole family of gingerbread cookies to share with everyone!

The cookies are gluten-free, nut-free, palm-oil free and vegan with absolutely no colours, flavours or preservatives added. This is one Christmas where you can indulge in gingerbread guilt-free.

Even the icing for their gingerbread houses is special. Karen did her research to try to create an icing recipe that was egg-free. She succeeded, and is delighted that Gingerbread Folk's icing does not need to rely on the battery hen industry. Gingerbread Folk’s royal icing is proudly egg-free, premium quality, strong and fast drying making assembling their gingerbread houses a breeze!

Sustainability is key and Gingerbread Folk cookies are thoughtfully packed in compostable wrappers.

Gingerbread Folk uses Green Power and rooftop solar panels to generate their own clean, green electricity to power their business.

With so much kindness, responsibility and thought put into what they do, it generates a warm fuzzy feeling that makes it feel like it is Christmas every day when you bite into one of their happy Gingerbread Folk.

Keeping spirits up through the pandemic

The last year and half brought some huge hurdles. Karen and Dom learnt to innovate and create new offerings to adapt to the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

“The pandemic is a challenge for any business owner. You have to try to reframe it if possible. It’s been a great exercise in adaptation, which is something I think is fundamental for survival.”

Gingerbread Folk sent gifts on behalf of businesses to their team members' households. It certainly brought a much-needed dose of joy to families who had all been trying their best to keep going through the lockdowns.

“Imagine the surprise and delight when a gingerbread house kit turns up on your doorstep at Christmas!”

Not Christmas without gingerbread

If you get the chance to visit and step into the kitchen at Gingerbread Folk, the familiar aroma of ginger and spices is enough to make you feel giddy. Karen and Dom are proud of their Gingerbread Folk cookies. They are made from the finest quality ingredients and they have just the right hint of ginger and the perfect balance of sweet spices. Even the texture has been carefully perfected, and Goldilocks would definitely have approved - not too hard, not too soft. It is just right.

Whether it is the traditional or chocolate version, when you bite into each piece of Gingerbread Folk, the taste and texture takes you on a time travel to cosy, heartwarming childhood Christmases and gets you excited about your next Christmas.

The joy that Gingerbread Folk products bring to everyone of all ages is extremely rewarding. Their gingerbread house kits are the star of their business. These kits are so much fun and they delight across generations and cultures. It is a great activity for families to do together and even make popular corporate gifts. And for those who are planning a Christmas virtual/Zoom event, decorating gingerbread houses together is a wonderful way to spice things up and bring a few squeals of laughter.

Karen and Dom have come a long way with their Gingerbread Folk. They love what they do, and they are spreading so much joy and kindness with their initiatives. With each Gingerbread Folk they bake and decorate, they are holding up their vision to live responsibly and with kindness. Perhaps one day Gingerbread Folk would grow to need a Gingerbread Village!

You can find Gingerbread Folk products online, at gourmet food stores (and MYER), and also via fundraisers for schools, churches and charity groups.


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