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Nicole Gallagher - Social Sisterhood for Health and Fitness

Finding it hard to fit the right balance of healthy pursuits into your busy life? Be inspired by this woman, who’s on a crusade to make achieving health and fitness goals a routine part of women’s lives with socially focussed Boot Camps

Wife, mother, ex-policewoman

Nicole Gallagher is a devoted wife and mother with an impressive sporting pedigree and a dedication to helping women snap out of sedentary lifestyles.

A former Sydney policewoman, Nicole hung up her handcuffs to embark on a new career as a certified personal trainer and at the same time immersed herself in the gruelling world of triathlon.

A move to Singapore with her husband 16 years ago opened up new opportunities – as a group fitness instructor with international gym brand Fitness First. She also launched her own boutique fitness and training brand, which included triathlon coaching and staging “Boot Camps” for women of all ages and abilities. This resulted in a client base across the globe, ranging from new Mum’s to elite athletes competing at world championships.

Now settled back in the beachside Sydney suburb of Manly with her family, Nicole is focused on reshaping her fitness and training offerings for women keen to make real lifestyle and health changes.

All Things Fitness

Nicole has a deep wellspring of knowledge and experience to draw from in her quest to shape up women’s health choices. Nicole made her decision to leave the police and take a new career path after a growing interest in all things fitness began to intrude on her police work.

She became certified with extensive education and training resulting in her Diploma in Fitness, worked with Fitness First before setting up her own fledgling fitness company.

Her husband’s career move to Singapore in 2005 presented the chance to develop her own style of training with new clients in a completely new environment.

Triathlon Challenges

Her husband’s decision to take up triathlon in the years prior to their move to Asia, piqued her interest to combine personal training disciplines, with competing in triathlons herself. This resulted in Nicole furthering her education to ultimately become an elite level coach certified by Triathlon Australia.

Her company – Beats Per Minute, or BPM for short – was the end result, staging Boot Camps for groups of expat housewives like herself in Singapore, while at the same time managing the careers of leading professional triathletes like world champions Pete Jacobs, Tim Reed, Caroline Steffen, Flora Duffy, Holly Lawrence, as well as current stars Ellie Salthouse and Lucy Charles.

Working with professional athletes, alongside ‘ordinary’ people harbouring a desire to transform their health through fitness, gave Nicole a keen insight into the needs of people with diverse athletic abilities and how to meet these needs with tailored programmes.

Along the way Nicole achieved a pretty impressive triathlon racing record – in addition to competing throughout Australia and Asia she’s completed three full Ironman events and also the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

Now happily retired from the racing scene, she crafts all her experience and knowledge gained over the years to help women target and achieve their personal fitness goals.

“My training Boot Camps are first and foremost enjoyable social events for women to interact with each other while pursuing their own personal fitness goals,” she says.

With a mix of face to face and online coaching, Nicole is passionate about utilizing her extensive background and knowledge to help her clients transform themselves and enrich their lives.

“I love helping people to get fitter and it’s a real kick to see their journey of improvement. It’s also great to see women find the balance of fitness in their lives that works for them, and to be supported by everyone else in the group – it’s all a real collaborative group effort.”



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