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Uzma Fatmi Hasan - helping you win at Life

Life Coach, Co-Founder and Director, Authentic Vision Singapore

People, especially women, put a lot of pressure on themselves by pushing themselves to conform to what the society expects of them. An increasingly fast paced society – all displayed, of course on social media – has only increased this pressure. The need to earn more, do more, show more, has conversely led to many of us somehow living less.

Sometimes a journey inward is all that is needed to clarify what is truly important, allowing people to let go of all the excess baggage that they are carrying, leading to lighter, happier, and healthier human beings. This is where people like me can help.

As a life coach (I have trained with CTI and am an ICF member), I help people connect with their values, their purpose, and their true self, while also identifying the beliefs that may be blocking them from achieving their dreams! In our conversations, coaches talk about their desired goals, and together we explore these aspirations, the journey, and possibilities to help them be more aware about themselves. This can be very liberating and empowering for them and a privilege for me to witness.

As I like to say to my clients, “Dream big, for I will not let you play small!”

Assisting the client with TRE exercises - Uzma Fatmi Hasan, Authentic Vision, feature Story by Brilliant-Online
Assisting a client with TRE exercises

Another hat that I wear is that of a TRE® (tension relief exercise) provider. TRE connects people to an amazing natural stress releasing mechanism nature has gifted us through a series of exercises. This usually helps people to relax and manage their day-to-day stresses better, and it affects people differently! For example, TRE had a dramatic impact on a client suffering from sleep issues. In just a few sessions she was, in her own words, sleeping like a baby!

In my own case, it has helped me manage, and eventually reverse, my type 2 diabetes. What I love about TRE is that usually after three to four sessions with the provider you can do it yourself in the privacy of your home, and have it handy as your own personal stress buster.

A little bit about myself

I live in Singapore; my birth country is Pakistan, and I grew up in Egypt. So, I am a veritable culture mix! I am a life coach, and a Montessori educator – so you could say that my passion is people – both of the little and big varieties!

Human potential inspires me. I feel each of us is such a unique miracle and what if we realize how amazing and wonderful, we really are? What becomes possible then? Just the thought excites me!

Navigating through the pandemic

My husband and I are both coaches at Authentic Vision, and we work from home, so we just work around each other’s schedules. At the same time as these are our second careers, we have consciously planned time to give space to follow our interests.

COVID-19 has affected many lives around the world, including ours. While I had to reinvent my personal and professional lives, in many ways, this offered me a blank canvas that I took advantage of to try out things I would not have considered viable before.

The lockdowns and restrictions gave me the opportunity to look closer to home. within the resources of my home to find my entertainment. To work via Zoom and it has been a game changer for me. It has expanded my horizons, geography is not an issue anymore, either for social activities or in the work arena.

I have also come to appreciate the value of human contact. Of live conversations, being able to hug people. Having coffee or lunch with friends. The essentials which I had taken for granted earlier.

Looking towards the future

Professionally, I am currently developing coaching programmes for educators and parents. I would like to see them launched. Personally, I would want to be in a COVID free world! Really!!

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