Newton Shutters, Blinds and Awnings

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

A Family-Run Business Helping You Customise Your Home

The past 12 months or so has seen more and more people spending an increasing amount of time at home as safety measures relating to the COVID-19 pandemic have curtailed certain activities we traditionally have taken for granted.

Somewhat inevitably, people have taken a greater interest in the aesthetics of their household and decided it was perhaps time for an upgrade in certain areas: maybe a fresh lick of paint in the spare bedroom, a refresh in the kitchen or bathroom, or time for some new curtains or blinds to brighten up the place.

Consequently, 2020 saw a huge demand across all home improvement sectors as people looked to enhance their households and create a more comfortable and customised environment to live in.

Newton Shutters, Blinds and Awnings is one local business that has been a beneficiary of this increased interest in home improvement as the demand for high quality blinds has skyrocketed.

“The support from our previous and regular customers during this past year has been overwhelming,” says Robert Newton, owner of the Port Macquarie-based business which he runs with his wife Melinda.

“Additionally, we have managed to establish relationships with so many fantastic new customers which is something we are delighted about,” he added.

Family Run

Proudly family-owned and operated, the business has been providing an outstanding service to satisfied customers across New South Wales across the blinds industry since 2006.

Their industry expertise and attention to detail has meant they are respected leaders in the art of providing custom-crafted shutters, blinds and awnings to enhance the overall aesthetic of a customer’s home.

As their website states, “we can provide guidance, samples, and suggestions, all with the goal of helping find the perfect lighting and design for your home decor. Whether your home is more traditional, modern, or contemporary, we offer a range of colours, designs, styles, and materials.”

The husband-wife dynamic of Robert and Melinda has worked exceptionally well in helping establish the business as the go-to provider locally and regionally.

“We work really well together,” says Robert.

“I am out on the road providing quotes to customers pretty much every day while Melinda is in the office planning calendars, quoting, helping customers with fabrics and house plans and then running the kids all around the countryside – although our eldest daughter recently got her licence, so the driving obligations have eased off for now,” he quips.

“There have been challenges at times for sure but overall we work so well together which makes it a whole lot easier for the both of us.”

Personal Touch

Responding to the increased demand for their services as the home improvement sector continued to blossom, the business increased its workforce to finish 2020 with three full-time installers – Bill, Craig and Marcus.

This provides a dual-plus for Robert as not only does it mean the business is on an upwards trajectory but having full-time employees provides a distinct advantage to customers.

“Having employees rather than contractors is such a benefit to us in that we know how much care goes into each job,” commented Robert.