DiggerBit takes the Drudgery out of Digging

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Can You Dig It?

Love gardening, but hate the drudgery of digging?

Or worried about the effect strenuous digging of tough soil might have on your back?

If that sounds like you, there’s a handy way to take all the strain and backache out of gardening digging chores, and many other digging duties as well.

DiggerBit is a selection of versatile, easy-to-use tools that put the power of efficient digging right in the palm of your hand.

In technical terms, they’re auger earth drills – rugged drill bits that simply fit onto cordless power drills to convert them into efficient hand-held drill digging devices.

DiggerBit’s multi-purpose designs enable them to quickly and easily slice into earth to drill out precise holes for a wide range of gardening needs – planting or re-cultivating plants, bulbs and flowers of all shapes and sizes, post holes for fencing and even holes for termite bait stations.

Elsewhere around the garden they can also be used for mixing potting soil, blending fertiliser, placing grass plugs, aerating soil and compost, planting trees and even mixing cement.

They’re especially useful if you’re confronted by hard or compacted earth that’s difficult to penetrate and break down with a normal hand trowel or spade.

Its versatility is the key to DiggerBit’s success. For as well as its applications in the garden, it’s also ideal for drilling holes for use in many other outdoor activities – for beach umbrellas, volleyball posts.

Proudly Australian

Every homeowner and landscaper should get to know DiggerBit. Proudly Australian family owned company, its range of drill bits are all custom-designed to make digging holes, as well as handling other garden and lawn tasks, easy and simple.

Owning a DiggerBit auger earth drill is handy for any avid gardener, landscaper or general groundworks – it simplifies working with the soil and is a wise addition to any shed of gardening tools.

Take for example the chore of manually digging holes for sowing seeds or planting bulbs. Using a hand trowel or spade, it’s a time-consuming and laborious process.

But attach a DiggerBit auger to your drill and you speed-up the process of digging holes in the soil, taking seconds to complete the task instead of all the time it takes with manual tools.

And as a result, your production increases with a reduced effort on your part.

Uniform Holes

A further benefit is the ability to dig holes of an ideal size for plants, for as every gardener knows, plants will thrive when they’re planted in holes with the right size and depth that encourages their roots to grow and spread evenly.

DiggerBit’s augers take all the guesswork and difficulty out by drilling out precise holes quickly, consistently and easily.

Once you become accustomed to using DiggerBit’s augers the alternative method of using a manual gardening tool and striking the ground to create the holes you desire becomes an uncomfortable scenario of the past.

Attaching the DiggerBit auger to your drill speeds up the process of digging, which in turn increases production as now it will take just seconds to dig a hole for planting seeds or bulbs.

So there’s no need to spend all day digging, you can be freed-up with ample time to focus on other tasks around the garden.

Because DiggerBit augers are small and used in conjunction with a cordless drill, it’s a portable system that’s easy to handle.

Holding a drill with the auger isn’t heavy, which means people of all ages are capable of using the tool to dig into the soil. The power of the drill combined with the blades of the auger eliminates the need to use physical strength for digging.

Easing the Effort

That brings us neatly to another of DiggerBit’s benefits – the vast reduction, and in most cases elimination, of physical discomfort from the effort of manual digging with conventional tools.

Acknowledgement: The above photos of the Kelahers are taken by Craig Mason of East Coast Photography

Of course, it’s normal for the human body to suffer from exhaustion when physically digging soil for gardening or other requirements.

Hands and backs endure unnecessary strain that requires regular breaks and there’s also the fact that people with pre-existing conditions, such as arthritis, struggle to maintain the physical intensity needed for digging holes.

But using an earth auger can eliminate the physical pain of manual labour, and it will do a better job into the bargain.

Drill Bits for All

DiggerBit offers a ran