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New Corporate Logo for the Reimagined Future

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

✦ Reimagine 2.0

After 20 years of success as one of Singapore’s premier project managers in the building and construction industry, PM Link wants to continue on its path of growth by re-imagining its future.

And to signify it’s new phase of growth as the company evolves with the project management industry, PM Link unveiled a new corporate logo.

“We recognise the need to incorporate new visions of sustainability and digital delivery to ensure that PM Link is always at the forefront of bringing innovative and customised solutions for our clients,” said the Managing Director of PM Link, Mr. Tan Cheng Chuah.

With its “Reimagine 2.0” business transformation programme, PM Link is:

  • making several strategic investments to renew it’s business,

  • driving further technological adoption, and

  • empowering knowledge sharing and continuous learning and development (L&D).

PM Link’s new corporate logo shows the company firmly anchored on its strong foundation as it grows, a vision metaphorically represented by the backdrop of ascending vertical bars.

The company is setting itself apart as the project management company of choice, with a workforce that possesses the skill sets always relevant to the ever-changing built environment, aided with modern technologies.

PM Link offers project management opportunities for experienced PMs and internship opportunities for young talents interested in shaping the future of Singapore’s built environment.

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