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Infineon 50 years in Singapore

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Global AI Innovation Hub for Smart Future

Singapore is set to be a global hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation, with leading semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies choosing it as its launch pad to accelerate to digital transformation.

The scheme to map out and implement the company’s smart AI future by 2023 was unveiled recently to celebrate Infineon’s 50 years of operations in Singapore, and it aligns with the city state’s digital drive to be a Smart Nation.

Infineon’s APAC headquarters in Singapore, feature story, Brilliant-Online
Infineon’s APAC headquarters in Singapore

The S$27 million (US$20.2 million) initiative incorporates proactive engagement with Singapore’s semiconductor, electronics and innovation ecosystems through collaborations with SGInnovate - the government-owned enterprise helping scientists develop Deep Tech solutions to challenging global problems - local start-ups, institutes of higher learning and research institutions on new AI solutions.

These organisations will be able to enhance their work by leveraging Infineon’s rich datasets to build solutions.

Workforce Upskilling

As a first step to prepare for this future driven by AI, Infineon will empower its Singapore workforce to be capable of developing and deploying AI solutions in all its business functions.

More than 1,000 employees will be upskilled and around 25 unique AI projects covering Infineon’s entire Singapore value chain of activities will be deployed by 2023.

Infineon will also focus on building a mindset of digital growth among staff by encouraging changes in behaviour through habit-changing nudges, and enabling managers to drive enhanced work performance.

The three-year journey to set up Infineon’s global AI hub and seamlessly link Singapore’s real and digital worlds with AI has been dubbed ARISEAugment digital infrastructure; Reskilling, digital transform and drive change; Implement AI-enabled projects; Share success stories and events to build community; Expand ecosystem partnerships.


Infineon has invested around S$700 million (US$ 526.1 million) in Singapore over the last decade, with the operation becoming the lead site for smart factory solutions development and global test hub for automotive microcontroller units. It’s also a key node for Infineon global distribution and one of the major microelectronics R&D centers in Asia.

Infeon Media Presentation, feature-story, Brilliant-Online
Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat (on stage) with Infineon CEO Dr. Reinhard Ploss (via video from Munich) jointly signed a digital plaque to mark the launch of ARISE, the AI initiative for Singapore to be the global AI innovation hub for Infineon.
Dr. Reinhard Ploss, Infineon Chief Executive Officer, said: “Singapore is a global node of technology, innovation and enterprise that’s able to reinvent itself while conserving its strengths. The country offers a vibrant innovation ecosystem and an attractive environment for top talents to live and work in.

Infeon Media Presentation, feature-story, Brilliant-Online
Infineon Asia Pacific President and Managing Director Chua Chee Seong presented a token of appreciation to Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat. The plaque was specially designed by an Infineon engineer who used Infineon chips to form the map of Singapore.
“On its journey to become a Smart Nation, a key step is Singapore’s national strategy to develop impactful AI solutions - this fits well with Infineon Singapore’s vision to make it an AI innovation hub and a key player for our AI strategy.”

Dr. Beh Swan Gin, Chairman, Singapore Economic Development Board, said: “Infineon's decision to locate its global AI innovation hub here is another important milestone in our longstanding partnership, which has spanned 50 years.

“The latest investment will allow Infineon to build new smart solutions for its operations in Singapore and beyond, and in the process upskill its Singapore workforce.”

To find out more about Infineon, visit:

A word from Brilliant's CEO

Pushing for a better world

Infineon Technologies is one of my favourite forward-looking companies that produces semiconductor design solutions and reference schematics used in automotive, industrial power control, power management, sensing solutions and security in IoT applications, all pushing for a better world.

Some applications you might already be familiar with, like, sensor fusion for autonomous driving; smart washing machines and appliances, electronic passports, wireless charging of your devices etc. So now when you are out and about with your everyday life, remember that you might have an Infineon technology inside your car, appliance or device that enables a more functional life.


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