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No Specialised Coding Skills Required,

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

✦ Creating deep learning models needs extensive data science knowledge and time. Or does it? The world’s best data scientists, Kaggle Grandmasters, have developed a new no-code tool for businesses in any industry around the world create deep learning models.

Known as H2O Hydrogen Torch, this new tool was announced by, an AI cloud leader, to make it easy for businesses to make state-of-the-art image, video and natural language processing (NLP) models without coding.

Deep learning models can help businesses or even industries to transform or address age-old challenges. These instances include:

  • In a medical setting, H2O Hydrogen Torch could analyse medical X-ray images for abnormalities with a “human in the loop” to make the final decision.

  • In a retail environment, it can do metric learning that alerts an online retailer to duplicate images on a website.

“Accelerated by COVID-19, video streams, speech, audio podcasts, email and natural language text have become the fastest growing data for our customers in every industry. Transforming and fine-tuning pre-built deep learning models to deliver high accuracy requires a no-code AI Engine to democratize AI for these use cases,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder,

“H2O Hydrogen Torch does exactly that by bringing best practices from Grandmasters to tackle problems ranging from improving in-store customer experiences, identifying fashion trends, and discovering vaccines, to saving lives with video enabled drones fighting fires with AI on the edge. With H2O Hydrogen Torch as a core AI Engine of the H2O AI Cloud, our customers can train models in deep learning and better serve their customers and challenge tech giants.”

No-code tool to create deep learning models, H2O AI Cloud as featured on Brilliant-Online
No-code tool to create deep learning models

H2O Hydrogen Torch is part of’s broad and rapidly expanding set of H2O AI Cloud products, including the recently announced H2O AI Feature Store and H2O Document AI.

Businesses can try and experiment with H2O Hydrogen Torch for free.

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