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New XPACE for Food Dreamers and Creators in Singapore

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

✦ In the western part of Singapore, a six-storey, 22,000-square metre building for avid food makers can turn their dreams into reality.

Known as XPACE (pronounced as “space”), the new building houses a wide range of facilities from demo and commercial kitchens to presentation and event space for budding food makers with bright ideas to foster collaboration while managing overheads with shared common resources.

And when it’s time to take the creations further, XPACE can provide food safety consultancy for Singapore Food Agency (SFA) certification and submission.

Explore, Collaborate & Innovate

“XPACE was created to be a haven for liked-minded passionate food people to explore ideas, cook, prepare, work, store, discuss, collaborate, innovate, and experiment. It’s the culmination of our dream and the start of many more to come,” said Nichol Ng, CEO of X-Inc Pte Ltd, the parent of a group of companies that has been in the food business since the 1930s.

“We are thrilled to pave the way for a new generation of collaboration that will hopefully result in a bigger and better food industry in Singapore.”

No stranger to innovations, here are two of the creations by X-Inc’s collaborations with other food makers:

  • A sustainable ham with no preservatives, made with off-cuts of meat and vegetables, created with Jill's Sausages

  • The XPACE Xandwich – a pandan-flavoured ice cream with charcoal gula melaka cookies – created with The Ice Cream Cookie & Co to pay homage to local flavours

New initiatives at XPACE coming up

As part of its grand opening celebration, X-Inc will be launching several initiatives in October 2021. These are:

  • A social enterprise known as ReXtore that supports X-Properties Inc and other tenants by delivering modular, adaptable and eco-friendly pop-up spaces in a sustainable and community-centric manner.

  • A movement known as Backyard Productions that aims to revolutionise the way food is eaten and grown in Singapore. This movement will be initiated by food distributor FoodXervices Inc to motivate food and beverage (F&B) establishments in Singapore to support local produce.

  • A platform for F&B and related businesses to innovate, ideate and develop new dishes and experiment with cutting edge technologies. Known as XPACE Xupper Club, this platform will be supporting The Wok People’s vision of bringing to life the cafeteria of tomorrow.

XPACE is also the headquarters to the X-Inc group of companies. The facility is the realisation of X-Inc’s dream of a greater and better food industry where innovations and collaborations abound. The group is active in the local food ecosystem from foodservice and retail to logistics and property. It has 200 employees, more than 7,000 products and over 4,500 customers.

The Food Bank Singapore, Garrett Popcorn Shops and The Ice Cream Cookie & Co are among the new tenants with more in the specialty packaged food segment expected to make XPACE their home soon.

Learn more about X-Inc at


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