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Meet Chayne Hultgren, known professionally as "The Space Cowboy"

Updated: Apr 10

✦ A world record-holding sideshow, street and freak show performer, Chayne is a superhero in his own right - he is known as 'Australia's most prolific record breaker'.

Some of his records include:

  • 'Most chainsaw juggling catches on a unicycle';

  • 'Most weight dragged with hooks in the eye sockets';

  • 'Most targets hit with throwing knives in one minute'; and

  • 'Most swords swallowed underwater'.

He performs a number of acts, including juggling a sickle, machete and fire torch, or a battle axe, jungle machete and a butcher knife, whilst blindfolded on a 10-foot unicycle to catching flaming arrows blindfolded shot from a crossbow.

Another is suspension (the art of dangling from hooks in the flesh), plus seven ball juggling, spoon bending, levitation of himself and other objects, sword swallowing and knife throwing.

His theatrics have included swallowing a 60-centimetre (24 in) 2000-volt neon glass tube with a microphone on the end, with his heartbeat audible as the light shines through his skin from the inside.

Chayne will be performing at the 2023 Tortuga Festival - if you want to be enthralled, scared and amazed all at the same time, don’t miss this show!

Brilliant-online had the privilege to find out how the death defying feats started

"My journey into the extraordinary was ignited by my childhood fascination with the eccentric characters I read about in the Guinness World Records and Ripley's books," Chayne told us.

"The desire to see my own name in those pages propelled me into a life of relentless research and training. I poured my heart into breaking records and honing my performance skills, driven by the goal to not only make it into those books but to be the very best performer I could possibly become."

He has hosted his own Guinness World Records show and appeared on the Discovery Channel's 'Outrageous Acts of Science'. "It has been an incredible ride. The world of stunts led me to these platforms. Being recognized as Australia's most prolific Guinness World Record holder opened many doors. The more I performed my unusual acts the more attention I gained," Chayne said.

Performances with celebrities

Having shared the stage with world famous celebrities such as Peter Dinklage, Oprah Winfrey and Sylvester Stallone, we asked what it's like to perform in front of such iconic figures? "It's surreal and humbling," he replied. "Seeing their amazement and enthusiasm is a reminder that awe transcends fame. It's an honour to share my passion with those who have achieved so much themselves."

Record Attempt Break

Chayne has confirmed he will attempt to break his own records at the upcoming Tortuga Festival, which has generated great excitement. He gave us a little teaser about what we can anticipate from this daring feat:

"While I can't reveal all the details just yet, I can promise that the Tortuga Festival will be the stage for me to push my limits and attempt to break one of my own Guinness World Records. It's an electrifying opportunity to witness firsthand what can be achieved with unyielding determination and a touch of audacity."

Chayne is thrilled to be performing at the Tortuga Festival. "This will be my first time performing at the Tortuga Festival," he explained. "I heard great reports about the success of the festival last year, so I was thrilled to be invited to perform this time. I'm bringing my A-game, and I can't wait to see the reactions of the audience."

Chayne's name carries not only his celebrity status but also a legacy of unwavering dedication, relentless resilience and an audacious embrace of the impossible. Mark your calendars for an evening that promises to celebrate the extraordinary and gift you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The Space Cowboy will be performing at Tortuga 2023 | Brilliant-Online
For over 20 years the Space Cowboy has wowed crowds around the world

Get ready for an experience that transcends the ordinary at the Tortuga Festival with The Space Cowboy’s upcoming performance. This isn't just a show, it's an invitation to witness a living legend!


Tortuga Festival Port Macquarie as featured in Brilliant-Online

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