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Learn to fly with Hastings District Flying Club, Port Macquarie

Updated: May 9

✦ Take to the skies in a special trial instructional flight with pilots from HDFC and it may just ignite the aviation passion in you!

The thrill of flight

There is nothing like experiencing a flight yourself to understand the thrill and ecstasy of being in the skies. Call it euphoria, freedom, or excitement, many have found their true calling when they had their first flight.

There is something incredibly logic-defying that leaves one in awe when you think of a plane as literally a steel bird in the sky, powered by intricate processes which many of us cannot fathom. It is nothing short of magic.

Cameron Bullock's first solo at 15

Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC) has been helping many pilots and especially young people achieve their flying dreams and passing on the knowledge of manoeuvering a plane and navigating in the skies. Cameron Bullock was one such youth who did his first solo flight on his 15th birthday. Learn more about the history of the HDFC through the years here.

"This morning, on his 15th birthday, Cameron Bullock became the youngest pilot-in-command in Australia when he completed his first solo," commented Ray Lind, Chief Flying Instructor with the Hastings District Flying Club. "Conditions were far from perfect with 8-10 kts from the north provided him with the challenge of turbulence and a slight crosswind. Regardless, Cam flew a tidy circuit and a beautiful smooth landing. Cam has worked very hard to get ready for this day, facing very early starts for his lessons, and practicing hard on his home flight simulator. We are all very proud of his efforts. Congratulations."

Watch Cameron's interview here:

Oliver Taylor appreciates having a flying community to nurture his passion

Oliver Taylor is another young man who received a flying scholarship from Hastings District Flying Club and he was over the moon when he got the news. Oliver made the most of his time during his training. HDFC provided the community of experts he needed to not just train him but to also talk with and share experiences with. A great example of how committed and passionate the community is at HDFC is how they went all the way to Wisconsin to take part in the Greatest Aviation Celebration at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023®!

"Our students always emerge more mature, disciplined, confident and responsible after they have gained their Pilot's Certificate. These characteristics stay with them for life and it sets them apart from others, even if they do not fly professionally. This is a wonderful privilege for every young individual. Our goal as a flying school is to produce GREAT and RESPECTED Pilots. We do this by ensuring total aviation safety and disciplined airmanship through accurate and professional flying training and Pilot Proficiency Days. We are second to none among all RA-AUS Flying Schools and General Aviation Schools." - Ray Lind, Chief Flying Instructor and Club Captain since 1990

Youths who take to the skies

There is so much inspiration we are getting from young people who are daring to take their dreams to the skies. Read our story about Zara Rutherford who became the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in 155 days, and Roulette Pilot Aimee Heal who was the only woman in an all-male team of pilots.

Experience HDFC Trial Instructional Flight

Hastings District Flying is offering a May special offer for a Trial Instructional Flight. For $99 (usual price $169), one of their professional flight instructors will take you up in their Sling 2 aircraft across the coast and town of Port Macquarie. It's a great way to experience what flying is all about. The flight lasts 30-40 minutes and you will learn the basics of taxiing, take-off and maintaining straight and level flight. Those who decide to continue flying can log the flight time in their pilot's logbook. Sign up now to take advantage of this exciting offer this month.

Fly in the Sling 2 aircraft

Get to know the Sling 2 aircraft that is used at HDFC and experience the wonders of flying in it. It is a favourite among pilots as a Light Sport Aircraft, as it offers coordinated and responsive controls, which makes it feel like you're flying a fighter jet, but it isn't overly sensitive. It has state-of-the-art avionics, a spacious cockpit and offers excellent visibility. Learn more about its characteristics here.

Contact Hastings District Flying Club

(incorporating Port Macquarie Flying School)

115 Oliver Dr, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

t/ +612 6583 1695


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