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Hastings District Flying Club awards pilots' achievements

✦ HDFC produces great and respected pilots.

Members of the Hastings District Flying Club (HDFC) attended the Annual Awards and Presentation Dinner in the hangar on Saturday, November 27.

The feat was the highest recorded number of solo flights since the club began teaching professional flying in Port Macquarie in 1958.

"Hastings District Flying Club is celebrating a record breaking number of first solo flights, with more than 22 students being presented their first solo certificate this year.", says Ray Lind, chief flying instructor and club captain since 1990.

"Our students always emerge more mature, disciplined, confident and responsible after they have gained their pilot's certificate," Mr Lind said.

"These characteristics stay with them for life and it sets them apart from others, even if they do not fly professionally. This is a wonderful privilege for every young individual.

"Our goal as a flying school is to produce great and respected pilots. We do this by ensuring total aviation safety and disciplined airmanship through accurate and professional flying training and pilot proficiency days.

"We are second to none among all Recreational Aviation Australia flying schools."

First Solo Achievements

First solos are a pilot's most thrilling and memorable experience. They can now safely fly an aircraft by themselves and have successfully completed a series of emergency procedures in case they have a problem during their solo flight as well as completing the required exams

  1. Connor Warneken 04.12.20,

  2. Jayden Barker 28.1.21,

  3. Sam Kennedy 3.2.21,

  4. Julian Gillmore 8.2.21,

  5. Chai Randive 8.3.21,

  6. Mark Al kinani 8.5.2

  7. Jedd Goggin 10.5.21,

  8. Ollie Taylor 13.5.21,

  9. Naveen Lingaiah 4.6.21,

  10. Max Jambor 3.7.21,

  11. Ivo Smyly 14.7.21,

  12. Solomon Elfar 14.7.21,

  13. Pat McDonnell 18.7.21,

  14. Max Roods 13.8.21,

  15. Luke Goodman 30.8.21,

  16. Matt Horton 30.9.21,

  17. Lloyd Kopecny 6.10.21,

  18. Jett Cherry 8.10. 21,

  19. Brandon Conway 3.11.21,

  20. Chris Doak 17.11.21,

  21. 21.Dawen Shi 24.11.21,

  22. Rob Breskal 25.11.21

Pilot Certificate

12 student pilots achieved their pilot certificate and received their wings that night. They can now proudly call themselves PILOTS.

  1. Steve Schwartz 6.3.21,

  2. Aaron (AJ) Crawford 2.5.21,

  3. Peter Elfar 14.5.21,

  4. Jabyn Beddoe 11.6.21,

  5. Harry Freudenstein 3.7.21,

  6. Jayden Barker 7.7.21,

  7. Sam Kennedy 30.7.21,

  8. Max Jambor 2.8.21,

  9. Lloyd Kopecny 19.10.21

  10. Jedd Goggin 6.11.21

  11. Bodhi Hinchcliffe 7.11.21,

  12. Jacob Dowd 7.11.21.

The flying doesn't stop. Max Roods achieved his pilot certificate on 12th December 2021 and will formally received his wings and certificate at the following awards event.

Passenger Endorsements

9 pilots gained their passenger endorsements. This endorsement gives them the incredible privilege of being able to take passenger up flying with total responsibility for safety and giving them an enjoyable flight over the local area.

  1. Abbey Sheather-Welsh 27.1.21,

  2. Steve Schwartz 23.4.21,

  3. Max Jambor 3.8.21,

  4. Harry Freudenstein 7.8.21,

  5. Jayden Barker 31.8.21,

  6. Sam Kennedy 10.9.21,

  7. Jabyn Beddoe 20.9.21,

  8. Lloyd Kopecny 20.10.21

  9. Peter Elfar 26.11.21

Cross Country Certificate

These pilots have covered at least 12 hours Navigation Flying Training, mastering map reading skills, passed an in depth exam on Navigation and Meteorology and completed a solid Cross Country Flight Test.They can now fly anywhere within Australia outside of controlled Airspace.

  1. Charles Hopley 28.6.21,

  2. Peter Elfar 8.7.21,

  3. Steve Schwartz 27.9.21

Pilot Conversion

These pilots already have a GA (general aviation) licence but decided to convert to flying LSA (light sport aircraft) which involves 5 hours training, an exam and a challenging Flight Test.

  1. Stephan Tessede 5.12.20,

  2. Oskar Pecyna 26.2.21,

  3. Peter Haxell 7.9.21,

  4. Dan Imhoff 5.10.21,

  5. Nick Muller 5.10.21

Flying Scholarship Winners

Rod Davison presenting flying scholarships to Cooper Dimon and Oliver Taylor, HDFC, featured on Brilliant-Online
Rod Davison presenting flying scholarships to Cooper Dimon and Oliver Taylor

Two (2) scholarship winners this year, and this of course can lead into a flying career or indeed a lifetime achievement accomplishment of gaining a Pilot’s Licence.

  1. Ollie Taylor

  2. Cooper Dimon

Student Pilot of the Year, Steve Schwartz

Steve Schwartz pilot of the year 2021, HDFC, featured on Brilliant-Online
Steve Schwartz pilot of the year 2021

Student Pilot for 2021 can feel justifiably proud of a huge range of achievements including all of the personal essentials such as determination, perseverance and skill. Steve Schwartz commenced training in June last year, achieved his first solo on 5.11.21, gained his wings on 6.3.21, his Passenger Endorsement on 24.4.21 and his cross country endorsement on 27.9.21. Throughout his training he has been meticulous and professional and this strong attitude shows very clearly in all of his flying. He started flying in the HDFC Flying Competitions long before he gained his wings and continues to fly now with every chance he gets. His aviation career has been absolutely meteoric and he can feel immensely proud of his achievements.

Proficient Pilot for the Year, Rod Davison

Rod Davison was also announced the winner for Spot Landing Proficiency.

Rod Davison Flying Competition winner 2021, HDFC, featured on Brilliant-Online
Rod Davison Flying Competition winner 2021

The overall winner has proven competence and currency in all sequences during HDFC's monthly flying competitions. This year there was only one point between the top three pilots after aggregating the scores for the year.. Coming equal second on 10 points, we had Steve Schwartz and Mark Whatson and only one point ahead, on a score of 11 points was Rod Davison. Rod received the Vern Polley Memorial Trophy.

Forced Landing Mark Whatson Trophy, HDFC, featured on Brilliant-Online
Forced Landing Mark Whatson Trophy

Mark Whatson hits the spot by winning the Forced Landing Proficiency award.

Bruced Dunlop pilot of the year harry bellot shield, HDFC, featured on Brilliant-Online
Bruced Dunlop pilot of the year harry bellot shield

Pilot of the Year, Bruce Dunlop

Bruce Dunlop has been involved in the Air Judging for the HDFC Flying Competitions (Pilot Proficiency Days PPD) for many years and at present he’s just completing his Instructor’s Rating. Bruce spends many hours at every PPD helping out each month with the air judging and mentoring pilots who may need guidance to maintain their peak efficiency. In addition, he has worked very hard now for over a year, working towards gaining his Instructors Rating. This is a very demanding course as Bruce now appreciates greatly. Bruce is also HDFC's Club Secretary.

In addition, HDFC announces Bob Needham as Club Member of the Year and Mary Pavicich as Stirrer of the Year.


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