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Harness the Power of the Brilliant Side to make your businesses shine

Updated: 5 days ago

✦ Star Wars is more than a cult classic. Its philosophies have empowered the personal and professional arenas through time. Which Star Wars character is your business, and how are you helping others to grow?

Brilliant-Online has been a trailblazer, setting the way for a new digital, interactive magazine that has made magic real. We're talking about an improved version of Harry Potter's Daily Prophet, and we are proud to have passed trials and tribulations to create what you see today. CEO of Brilliant-Online, Veronica Lind embodies the wisdom of Yoda who sagely quips, "Do. Or do not. There is no try." And that is the reason why you are here reading our Brilliant-Magazine.

May 4th is a highly anticipated event across the globe, with Star Wars fans everywhere who love not just the movies but the lessons and philosophies embedded in them. The stories may have taken place in another time and space, but it is still highly relevant today and it is a mirror of the challenges we experience in our modern day Planet Earth.

We all have our personal favourite Star Wars character, and we want to see which Star Wars character your business most reflects, and how it can help to change our business galaxy for good. Read the traits below and tell us which Star Wars character your business is!

✨May the (Brilliant) Force be with You!✨


Do. Or do not. There is no try.

There is no greater guru than Yoda, and from the mouth of the master himself, “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?” which is a great reminder to all small businesses that they can dream bigger and have as much of an impact as big businesses out there. Yoda is the mentor we all wish we had, and how different our lives would have been if we had had such sagely guidance.

Are you in the mentoring, counselling or coaching business? Or are you an expert in your industry who is guiding others to grow to their fullest potential, to avert the dangerous pull of the Dark Side and forge ahead bravely to conquer new galaxies? Whether in the personal or professional field, we all need mentors to guide us, to be our fiercest cheerleader, to support us and to give us the necessary push when we need it. Finding a good mentor can make or break your dreams and can be a definitive turning point in your life and career.

Listen to Yoda's wisdom

Princess Leia

"This is some rescue. You came in here, but didn't you have a plan for getting out?"

No damsel in distress, Princess Leia was not just brave, she was also an incredible strategist and showed amazing adaptability. Even as she bravely fought the Empire, she knew she had to strategise to win, and she could figure out alternative plans should things go haywire any second. She was a genius when she planted the Death Star plans in R2-D2, saving the galaxy from Imperial oppression. It was her strategic thinking that helped rescue Han Solo from the gruesome Jabba the Hutt, who, in spite of its size, was strangled by Leia before she escaped. Princess Leia even took charge of her own rescue operation to save everyone! No matter how stressful the situation was, she kept her head cool and was the epitome of clear focus and knew improvisation was a necessary skill to get her out of danger.

If you are in the finance, investments, technology or manufacturing industries, perhaps you identify most with Princess Leia's sharp focus on strategies and laser focus on objectives. Princess Leia saved many thanks to her quick thinking. How has your business benefitted the community as you shared your strategies?

Watch this tribute to Carrie Fisher:

Luke Skywalker

"You Can Either Profit By This, Or Be Destroyed."

Luke's story is one of the archetypal hero's journey from humble farmer to Jedi warrior. He goes through trials and obstacles. He overcomes his weaknesses and fears. And he gets to a point where he is confident enough to face Jabba the Hutt and save his friends. Luke is someone who is motivated by a strong sense of duty and a desire to become a part of something much larger than himself. He accepts the teachings of Ben Kenobi and there is no looking back from that point on. Even though Luke was born with 'the force' strong within him, he could not have attained his Jedi warrior status without tough training and learned techniques.

Is your business one that helps people through difficulties and takes them from zero to hero? Do you offer special training to help people achieve a dream greater than themselves? Have you yourself been through the journey of personal growth to come out triumphant on the other side and can guide others to success?

What's Luke Skywalker's alter ego like as a coach?

Our business galaxy

The list of well-loved Star Wars characters is endless, and many even love the character of Darth Vader, in spite of him being on the Dark Side! After all, you have to admit it is pretty impressive to be able to do long-distance strangling or control massive spaceships by just reaching out your hand.

We want to think there is a Force that guides our business galaxy, and we all need one another. Hans Solo needed his Chewbacca, and C3PO and R2D2 have made a difference in keeping Luke and Leia safe too. Everyone has a role to play, and in our modern-day business speak, whether it's career advancement, skill enhancement or personal growth, we are looking for our mentors, allies and people who support our growth.

Come to the Brilliant side by embracing the spirit of growth and innovation in our special May issue, dedicated to personal and professional development. This presents a unique opportunity for your business to connect with an engaged audience passionate about enhancing their skills and advancing their careers.

💫 May the Force be with You!

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