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Harness the Power Of Artificial Intelligence To Automate Your Growth

✦ As AI continues to accelerate, not doing anything is the equivalent of going backwards for businesses.

The economic landscape is always changing, and as business owners, we know that staying updated and ahead of the game is how we keep our businesses long-lasting and growing.

Many feel lost about navigating the economic landscape, which is volatile and challenging. Business owners are burnt out and trapped by endless operations that are mind-numbing. Despite the long hours they put in, the results are not a reflection of the effort. Business owners are feeling demotivated because they do not have the energy or time to really lead their business or create innovative ideas.

AI to boost business growth | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
AI is the game changer to boost your business

Leveraging AI to automate growth

Bringing AI as a 'business partner' can help you get back time and energy, boost figures and give you a new level of control you've never ever experienced. Imagine having your business vision scaled by algorithms in a business ecosystem that essentially runs itself! That's not science fiction. It is already real and happening.

The AI-powered Formula for Businesses is an in-person event exclusively for business owners who are driven to make a change to create the business revenue of their dreams without constantly running on empty. It's about building your business in a way that allows you to grow faster and easier than ever. If you have hit your business rock bottom, this is one game-changer to lift you up and take you further.

Watch this space for updates about this upcoming workshop!

About the speakers

Andrew Morello | The Entourage | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

Andrew Morello

Andrew is an awarded entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and the winner of the first Australian Apprentice.

Prior to joining The Entourage, Andrew spent 10 years alongside Mark Bouris AM building out the Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management branch network nationally.

Morello is an active member of Australia’s entrepreneurial and real estate communities, an engaging and charismatic speaker, and passionate about sharing his successes with other entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to help them reach their full potential and not waste their precious life.

Veronica Lind | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online

Veronica Lind

Veronica Lind is CEO of the innovative award-winning Brilliant-Online Magazine that has made Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet come to life. She is also co-founder and Business and Marketing Strategist of Vermilion Pinstripes, an international modern sales marketing and communications agency based in Australia, Singapore, and UK.


As an entrepreneur, technologist, multipotentialite and international marketer, Veronica trademarked the Modern Marketing Framework™ that helps businesses Sell without Selling. Her technological dexterity and vast experience in sales, business development and marketing have attracted the attention of clients in regional and global markets. 

Learn from Veronica about using AI Powered Marketing Strategies to create impactful experiences and personalised engagements at crucial buying journey stages, boosting engagement and re-engagement. Achieve business goals efficiently within budget while staying Personable, Relevant, and Admirable.


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