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Artisans on the Hill is a must visit Gallery for something completely different!

✦ Peter and Christine Calabria, create interesting, functional pieces for their gallery and also teach many interesting crafts. The emphasis is handmade and proudly Australian owned.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creative couple and having a step-by-step tutorial by Peter on the making of one of his handmade treasures, The Shapel Tide Clock.

The Shapel Tide Clock - handmade in Australia in the Artisans On The Hills workshop

Shapel Tide Clock as featured in Brilliant-Online
Shapel Tide Clock

A unique instrument in the world, the Shapel tide clock shows both the current tide and the current phase of the moon, as well as the time. The timber in the clock is Plantation Grown Mahogany which is sourced from ecologically sustainable forests in the Pacific. This industry provides a welcome income for the locals in this region.

The natural timber clocks feature an oil finish (Peter wants the finish to be IN the timber, not ON the timber). “This allows the timber to breathe and will require from time to time freshening up with a good quality furniture wax or oil," he explains. "Please keep your Tide Clock away from direct sunlight, wherever possible, to maintain the quality of your timber.“

As the timber used to make the tide clock is a natural resource, natural variations in timber colour and grain will occur, meaning no staining required. They are all naturally beautiful.

Checkout this video to see how they are made.

What is a tide clock?

A tide clock is a specially designed clock that keeps track of the Moon's apparent motion around the Earth. Along many coastlines, the Moon contributes the major part (67%) of the combined lunar and solar tides. The exact interval between tides is influenced by the position of the Moon and Sun relative to the Earth, as well as the specific location on Earth where the tide is being measured.

Due to the Moon's orbital prograde motion, it takes a particular point on the Earth (on average) 24 hours and 50.5 minutes to rotate under the Moon, so the time between high lunar tides fluctuates between 12 and 13 hours. A tide clock is divided into two roughly 6 hour tidal periods that shows the average length of time between high and low tides in a semi-diurnal tide region.

How does a tide clock work?

The tide indicator is a single hand on the clock that rotates around the face clockwise, just like a regular timepiece. High tide is marked at the top of the clock and low tide at the bottom, with the hours from and to each around the sides. The number pointed to by the hand gives the time from the last tide and to the next tide.

The tide hand moves clockwise. When it is pointing at the bottom of the clock it's telling you that it is now low tide. When it is pointing at the top of the clock it's telling you that it is now high tide. As it rotates down from the top to the bottom,. It’s showing you how long until the next low tide, and indicating that the tide is falling. As it rotates up from the bottom to the top, it shows you how long until the next high tide, and indicates that the tide is rising. Keep in mind that the time between high tide and low tide is not exactly 6 hours - it's about 10 mins more.

A great gift for anyone interested in the natural rhythms of our world

Surfers, sailors, fishermen, star watchers and gardeners will love this unique and useful gift. Or you just may want one for yourself! You can order yours here.

The Gallery

Open ON DEMAND, you need just phone 6553 1199 to let them know when you'd like to visit. The unusual architecture of the Gallery highlights the functional, artistic pieces in wood, glass, metal, fabric and lots more surrounding you. Your senses are enlivened by the vast array of art in just about every shape and form.

Artisans On The Hill is a unique concept that provides a place where anyone can come and indulge their passion to view and purchase unique artisanal craft, or to try their hand at creating functional and artistic pieces using both traditional and modern materials and techniques in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Perhaps you just want to enjoy some quality time with family and friends in the 5 bedroom accommodation at Artisans.

Exhibited artworks & workshops

There is nowhere and nothing else which provides the same range of facilities, craft workshops, accommodation and an artisan gallery together on one property within Australia.

Having a large workshop to try your hand at a myriad of Artisan skills, you will experience traditional-type skills and with the hands-on workshops that the couple conduct when you require them (including children’s workshops).

Check out their website here for more details. Workshops at Artisans On The Hill

Workshops are based on a maximum number of people rather than a minimum. A workshop will carry on with just one person, but the maximum is 4 for most classes.

Stunning Craftsmanship in the gallery by Alan Williams

Alan Williams 7 Drawer Nautilus Cedar Box as featured in Brilliant-Online
Alan Williams 7 Drawer Nautilus Cedar Box

The Nautilus is Alan’s signature piece and a must have for any collector of Alan’s work. His boxes have been lovingly hand-made from a single, solid piece of timber. As the proud owner of an Alan Williams Bandsawn Box, you are among Kings and Presidents enjoying the tactile beauty of a unique piece.

Since 1992, Alan has been fully occupied making his band sawn compartment boxes and is now creating articles for the pure enjoyment of making. Alan’s boxes have been selected as presentation pieces for the Governors of Queensland and NSW and as gifts from the Australian Government. They feature in private collections throughout the world and in Australia.

The timber Clutch large purse is handcrafted in Australia from Queensland Walnut, a beautiful rich brown coloured timber from north Queensland. This timber is no longer milled in Australia, so it makes the timber rare and hard to come across. This means that the stock of these clutches is very limited.

When making these timber clutch purses the primary focus is to keep everything as environmentally friendly as possible. To accomplish this, all timber is sourced from renewable plantations or uses reclaimed timber that cannot be used for other purposes. Formaldehyde free glue is used throughout.

The clutches are finished with natural, plant-based stains that are toxin free and eco friendly. The large clutch purses come packed in an Australian made recyclable box with a fabric bag to store them in when not in use. All clutches also come with a detachable chain.

Why buy Australian Made?

Timber Queensland Walnut Clutch Purse as featured in Brilliant-Online
Another Clutch Purse - this one in Jarrah

"We've got to try and keep some of the money here in Australia, it's very, very simple,” Peter told us. “And we have so many talented artisans and artists, and creatives in Australia, it's just crazy that we don't support them, so that they can keep going, so that they can continue their craft. If we don't support Australian made and owned, number one, we're going to be sending money offshore. Number two, the skills that they have are just going to die in Australia. We will lose those businesses.”


Artisans on the Hill

Address: 702 Tinonee Rd, Mondrook NSW 2430

Phone: (02) 6553 1199


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