Artisans on the Hill is a must visit Gallery for something completely different!

✦ Peter and Christine Calabria, create interesting, functional pieces for their gallery and also teach many interesting crafts. The emphasis is handmade and proudly Australian owned.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creative couple and having a step-by-step tutorial by Peter on the making of one of his handmade treasures, The Shapel Tide Clock.

The Shapel Tide Clock - handmade in Australia in the Artisans On The Hills workshop

Shapel Tide Clock as featured in Brilliant-Online
Shapel Tide Clock

A unique instrument in the world, the Shapel tide clock shows both the current tide and the current phase of the moon, as well as the time. The timber in the clock is Plantation Grown Mahogany which is sourced from ecologically sustainable forests in the Pacific. This industry provides a welcome income for the locals in this region.