Book Review on Fractured Souls by Desley Polmear

✦ About the book Fractured Souls

Fractured Souls is Desley’s latest book which was published in November 2021.

Congratulations Desley Polmear on your new release, “ Fractured Souls.” I was captivated from the front cover to the feel good finish.

Fractured Souls was inspired by the story of Lewis Edwards and his daughter Miriam. They are separated when she is still very young, initially through his work on cruise ships, and then by episodes of violence that lead to him living a life on the run in Australia. Layer by layer, the parallel stories build – Miriam growing up in Wales in the sometimes-questionable care of family and friends, and Lewis (living under a series of pseudonyms) trying to build a life while evading the law in a succession of outback towns.

The book is about a father, Rhys Collins, who went to sea to work but never came home, leaving behind 13-year-old Miriam and his 6-year-old twins. Their father's sister, Aunt Daisy took in the three children and raised them as her own.

Miriam adored her father, and wondered for years why he abandoned all three of them.

Where was he? Was he still alive? If he were alive, was he thinking of his children?

From pre World War II, Wales, UK, to the turn of the century in Sydney, the reader is taken on Rhys' journey of adventures, strife and multiple identities.

Will Miriam and her siblings find their missing father before he becomes completely lost in the constant dramas of his own making?