Advice on Deciduous Trees, both Fruiting and Ornamental by Greenbourne Nursery

Updated: Jun 17

Daniel 'Chook' Fowler advises on purchasing and choosing a deciduous tree

At this time of the year in New South Wales, Australia, it may be best to plant trees when they are dormant (because you aren’t as likely to disrupt their growth), so you need to consider if the tree is deciduous. Daniel 'Chook' Fowler is an expert horticulturalists at Greenbourne Nursery to advise you on the appropriate varieties to suit your conditions.

Most of the nurseries throughout our great country would be in the midst of receiving their bare-rooted trees from various suppliers in central and southern zones. These elegantly shaped gifts comprise of both the delicious selection of fruit trees and the wonderfully stunning ornamental deciduous range.

Ornamental deciduous trees

So many magical reasons for growing these, be it the stunning Autumn displays that carry the colours of summer into the new season. It may be the early abundance of brightly coloured blossom that awakens us out of our wintery slumber or possibly the structure and security of strong upright trunks guarded by a sheath of rustic bark. The selections on offer are truly a gift from nature.

Ginkgo biloba

“The Ginkgo biloba is a large, slow growing deciduous tree. The common name, Maidenhair tree, refers to the leaves which are a soft green changing to a spectacular clear yellow in autumn.”
The Ginkgo biloba is a large, slow growing deciduous tree featured on Brilliant Gardening courtesy of Unsplash
The Ginkgo biloba is a large, slow growing deciduous tree | Unsplash

Red Maple ‘Autumn Blaze’

“This well-structured and very adaptable tree features some of the best autumn colour of the hybrid red maples. Most useful as a medium to large shade tree.”

Golden Ash ‘Aurea’

“Good medium sized tree suitable for many uses. Reliable autumn foliage and distinctive yellow bark on young branches provide year-round interest.”

Fruiting deciduous trees

“It bursts with vigour as the sun warms, the energy is here. With appetite fed by soil, the bounty is now near”.

So is true of the deciduous fruit tree as it strategically rests throughout the winter. Simply awaiting the change in season so it may efficiently use its energy to reproduce itself. That reproduction is in the form of a seed which more often than not comes with the bonus offering of sweet, delicious fruit. There are many choices available to only mention a few, from the apples, plums, nectarines, peaches and figs. Everyone has a favourite they look forward to each summer.

Golden Queen Peach

“Used for fresh fruit, juice and preserving and cooking. A true favourite for bottling and an excellent eating peach, especially if a firm-fleshed peach is desired.”

Golden Delicious Apple

“Beautiful, medium to large, green-yellow skinned apple. Sweet flavour with a sprightly tang. Used for fresh fruit, cooking and drying.”
Golden Delicious Apple, Brilliant Gardening
Golden Delicious Apple | Photo by Brilliant-Online

Pomegranate "Wonderful"

“A small growing, bushy rounded shrub, it has brilliant showy red blooms that flower over many weeks followed by large red edible fruit that tend to sweep the branches down in a graceful habit.”

Purchasing and choosing a deciduous tree