All about Growing Roses by Greenbourne Nursery

Updated: Aug 26

We spoke with Daniel 'Chook' Fowler, a happy employee of Greenbourne Nursery and rose producer about growing roses during this cold season. Pay attention to the process!

Greenbourne Nursery is a special place where green fingers are hard at work every single day, pushing seeds into soft soil, checking on leaves, trimming a plant's green tresses or splicing bits of branches. A lot of work is involved in the process of seed to fully grown plant. For a plant's beauty to emerge, much attention and care are needed consistently.

Kristin and Paul Glessing are two young dynamic owners of this family and locally owned nursery in Wauchope, NSW. They are wild about all things green and strongly committed to their community.

Having supplied greenery in the community for over 47 years, Greenbourne Nursery has built up a rich local tradition and continues to grow in size and reputation every year. Greenbourne Nursery is on the main road opposite the iconic Timbertown. It is warmly supported by many in the community and locals know this is the place to go if they want some plants to brighten up their gardens and living spaces.

Daniel 'Chook' Fowler is a happy employee of Greenbourne Nursery who has been in the industry for 20 years. He worked with a leading citrus and rose producer in Dural, NSW. He then had an interesting career producing native regeneration species that were custom grown for major works companies. If you are a big fan of roses, Chook is the man you go to for knowledge and advice about this beautiful plant.

A Rose by Any Other Name …

The rose goes beyond being the quintessential flower for Valentine's Day. When you next come across a rose bush, take a close look at it and see it beyond its label as a love ambassador. It is quite a remarkable plant and flower, and intensely beautiful, especially after you have listened to Chook talk about roses. His enthusiasm and deep love for this plant will help you look at the rose bush in a completely different way.