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COVID Safe Cruising with Wauchope Travel

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

So the world is changing but one thing is for sure - cruising is not going away any time soon.

For 2023 and 2024, world cruises are selling fast. This sector of the market has moved incredibly quickly to reinvent itself and to introduce COVID safe procedures to get passengers travelling again. Cruises are now travelling from North America into Alaska, and from Athens to parts of Europe. The Caribbean and Mexico are already experiencing travel bookings from closer ports.

One only has to open the newspapers at the moment to see the plethora of offerings that are available for those who are willing to book that far ahead. There are some great incentives to book now also, with flexible booking conditions, reduced deposits, and great inclusions.

Our Northern Hemisphere neighbours are taking advantage of their great vaccination status to begin travel again. Cruising is well set up to handle the new protocols and has successfully navigated the many new requirements. It's terribly exciting to know that many cruises have been run with no problems and it bodes well for when Australia starts to reach the required vaccination levels.

If sailing the high seas is on your list, it is definitely time to plan and book for 2023 and 2024 – hard to believe we are booking that far ahead but if we don’t, we will ‘miss the boat’ (yes, pun intended!)

Travelling by sea is one of the more traditional, most old fashioned ways to see the world; however, new technologies combined with the most amazing dining, entertainment and inclusions, mean that you can visit exotic and far flung destinations with more than the comfort of home. Unpack once, and your home away from home travels with you with all the convenience that offers.

Watching the sea from a balcony cabin is totally therapeutic and the list of inclusions is endless. Don’t let the current situation in Australia blind you to the opportunities that await for the future, we may be slower than the rest of the world at the moment but that just gives us time to plan our future trips!

Princess Cruises, MSC Cruises, Silverseas, Regent 7 Seas and Crystal Cruises are high end luxury operators; Scenic Eclipse and Evergreen are both still offering an amazing level of comfort along with the security that that they are still cruising in other parts of the world so will be here when borders open.

Offerings closer to home have had itinerary changes to incorporate more Australian ports and so are developing and changing to meet the new requirements. We strongly suggest you take the leap and hold space for some of these amazing itineraries; international or domestic; otherwise, you may indeed miss out.

Don’t write off cruising by any means – the demand will far outstrip the availability!

Robyn, Australia, Wauchope Travel, Feature by Brilliant-Online

Contact Robyn:

t: 20 6585 2288

a/ Shop 1, 31 High Street, WAUCHOPE, NSW 2446, Australia


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