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Wauchope Travel on Exploring Australia

See Australia with New Eyes

With restrictions still in place on international travel, people are starting to look inwards at other opportunities for travelling. Australia beckons with its vast lands rich with possibilities for exploration, adventures or simply to relax.

It has been a taxing time on everyone all over the world because of the pandemic, and with the situation easing up in different parts of the world, the human spirit that has been cooped up for so long, yearns and needs to stretch its legs, free its mind and breathe again.

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People's eyes are hungry to see something new and expand their sights.

Robyn is ready to help people move beyond their backyard to explore Australia

Robyn Flanagan is the owner of Wauchope Travel and has been helping locals and visitors make every travel experience a rich and satisfying one for more than 25 years. She has been sending people places and their joy of experiencing something new and different has been her driving force in her profession all this time.

The pandemic has left its heavy mark on Robyn and many others in her industry. There is light appearing on the horizon again and Robyn is eager to get the travel bug biting and helping people experience travelling in a way they never have before.

Now, being able to move from one’s home to beyond and see a different town, city and hopefully soon to other countries, is a huge luxury and definitely not to be taken for granted. Travelling now feels wonderfully freeing, delicious and exciting. And Robyn is all ready to help people move beyond their backyard to explore Australia.

Supporting Australia

Many are now looking right into Australia for their holidays and the truth is there are so many beautiful places to see on Australia's Bucket List. Some may have had plans way back to fly over to the other side of the globe or maybe even visit family living abroad. The reality right now is Australia needs a boost. The hospitality industry has taken a beating with COVID-19 forcing so many doors to close or reduce business. Now that it is safer to travel, this industry needs an injection of economic support.

Why Australia?

There are actually lots of upsides to travelling within Australia.

  1. No worries about losing one’s passport. You can travel free and easy and not worry about keeping your passport safe, or ensuring you have enough evidence on you to prove your identity, and definitely no messing around with visas and hair-tearing bureaucratic applications that take weeks to process.

  2. No fuss with currency exchange. You do not have to find the best rates at a money exchange or worry about where to keep your cash and you do not have to desperately pretend to ponder over prices when you are actually struggling to work out the currency conversion in your head before you decide if the price that is in a 4-digit number is insanely expensive or a decent price.

  3. No barriers when it comes to communicating. You get to meet new people and see new places without struggling to decipher strange characters or symbols or dread having to do the point-and-order tactic when ordering a Happy Meal at McDonald's.

  4. No confusion about culture shock or wondering if an innocuous gesture on your part is going to offend someone. In one's own country, one can really sit back and relax, or kick back, if you are even more adamant on absolutely making the most of a chill time. There is a safe familiarity and at the same time, one can gain new experiences and feast on new sights, flavours and smells.

  5. Australia is interesting. The people who live in Australia come from somewhere which makes it interesting to hear their stories. From desert, sea, beaches, mountains, cities to farms, tropics to snow, you get to experience it all. You can do it on a budget, backpacking across Australia, camp under the stars on the glam way and be spoiled in total luxury. Let’s look at its wow factor.

Australia’s Wow Factor

As the saying goes, the grass is not greener on the other side, it is greener where you water it. And Australia right now is lush with opportunities and so much to do!

For free spirited people who just need to be outdoors to experience the vastness of the land, glamping in the outback is an exciting option. Camping made glamorous is a happy medium for those who want to experience being in nature and not have to give up on creature comforts either.

Many love cruising the Kimberly wilderness and soaking up the gorges, waterfalls and swimming holes and just the smell of clean, fresh water in the air can help to rejuvenate one's spirit.

For the romantics and those who swing more towards the classics, experiencing the iconic train journeys is an elegant way to traverse the huge spaces of Australia. Agatha Christie had her Orient Express, and Australia has its Indian Pacific and the Ghan. These rail travels are a unique treasure of Australia, and they allow people to enjoy the rich tapestry of Australia’s landscapes. With highly trained staff and excellent amenities, these iconic trains traverse the outback of Australia and take visitors to out of the way towns and attractions.

Ultimately, the train journey is the protagonist here - this is where people meet fellow travellers who come with their own unique backpack of stories, life experiences and travel memories they share and allow to unfold in the intimacy of a train journey.

Some are thinking about having that dip over winter, in which case, the Queensland islands are the place to be. There is also the upmarket Hayman Island, the recently renovated Daydream and ever popular Hamilton Island (direct flights available) all waiting to be explored. There is a range of activities to do so there will be something to cater to everyone, be it swimming, sailing, snorkeling, or simply catching up on your year's worth of reading over a cocktail. In our current climate, to be able to feel the sun on our skin and to dip ourselves into warm water, that is a royal treat after being house-bound last year.

Norfolk and Lord Howe also delight visitors with their individual characteristics and holiday activities. Norfolk is undergoing its own unique metamorphosis and it is wonderful to see the old world charm and ways before they completely disappear. Lord Howe is devilishly popular and visitors need to book well ahead for this gem of an island. Walkers and bird lovers are ecstatic about this place. This is a real treat everyone should experience once in their lifetime.

Travel as we know it is changing. With more people being vaccinated daily, we are looking at a new way forward and possibilities are opening up. Australia has been waiting patiently through all this time and it is more than ready to reward those who choose to get to know it better.

Are you ready to discover Australia?


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