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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

By Robyn Flanagan of Wauchope Travel

Happy New Year!!! Domestic Travel is becoming highly sought after, with many wonderful options for travel locally and interstate plus Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.

We would LOVE to help you plan your Aussie Getaway!

What a ride! Who thought travel would be so changed in these challenging times.

The big winner is … Australia!

So many hidden gems, so much to discover. Drag out the old road trip memories and get on board.

While many of us hold credits for international travel which we cannot use at the moment, most of the companies have created holidays within Australia using their contracts and knowledge so always

ask the question; is there something in Australia that I can apply this credit to?

We have stunning beaches, fabulous hinterlands, and many quirky inland destinations just waiting to be explored. Even if you are nervous of border restrictions, within your own state you will find the

Hidden gems, hideaways, farm stays and B & B’s that will renew, rejuvenate, and re-inspire you.

Internet research is great; Local knowledge is greater.

Ask your local travel agent to help you find that special something that will give you some time out of the routine. They have amazing research skills and are brilliant at matching your specific needs to their products. Travelling with Pets? Taking the children? No problem. Want some sporting facilities? Easy.

Our systems and our local knowledge cannot be beaten when it comes to researching travel options. It's not just international travel that needs our skills, Australia has a vast array of travel product just waiting to be explored.

To feed that travel lust have you considered; Day flights to Antarctica? Direct flights to cities outside the hotspots? Or just driving to those leisurely spaces where someone else gets to make the bed and cook the meals! Heaven!

Our sparkling jewels, Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island, are eager for travellers to return. Island economies survive on tourism and both provide fantastic holiday memories with every type of accommodation and activity imaginable. Pristine waters, lush landscapes, did anyone mention natural perfection?

And if you cannot tell one from the other, call your travel agent! We are the experts!

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