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Thor Mining Plc (ASX: THR) on a Green Copper Journey.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

✦ Nicole Galloway Warland, Managing Director - Thor Mining Plc (ASX: THR) shares how this special diversified mineral exploration company is going green.

Thor Mining has three highly prospective projects - one of them could put them on the path to becoming a serious copper producer.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso always keeps an eye out for a compelling story from the companies he talks to. His first encounter with Thor Mining was in February 2021 where he spoke to Nicole Galloway Warland about the company's take on being an ESG compliant copper-gold producer. She was the Exploration Manager then, and today she speaks to Noel as the company's Managing Director about the company's updates.

Nicole Galloway Warland, Managing Director - Thor Mining mineral, Noel Ong, Samso, featured on Brilliant-Online

Noel felt the company's story had potential and now looking at what they have achieved, much work has been done on their projects and they are seeing some happy results as well.

Ms. Warland was talking then about how Ragged Range was going to surprise people. The potential of the area is limited only by the funding capacity of the company. And the results have indeed been surprising.

Discoveries can only be made if solid work is put into it, and the Pilbara is just showing its potential. Those working in the region will continue to unearth the hidden metal endowment that lies beneath this craton.

For Noel, it is also a relief when looking at the results of the Copper projects in South Australia. The projects are making great progress. In fact, the ISR potential of the Alford projects is going to make Thor Mining take the spotlight.

The ISR potential is important, and if it were made the company's main focus, their creation of a Green Copper story is highly achievable. For Noel, any company that wants to write a Green Metal story or a Green Mining story needs three naturally occurring infrastructure:

  1. Green Power

  2. Green Minable Economical Resource

  3. Governance / Jurisdiction

The happy news is, Thor Mining has all these three in place. The next step is to make it work.

To add on to the happy news, we mustn't forget the Molyhil project.

The recent discovery of a skarn source for the Tungsten and Molybdenum mineralisation may change the whole economics of the project. Coupled with a rising Molybdenum price in 2021, Thor Mining is set to see the odds in their favour.

Ultimately, as investors or just someone interested in the mining resources industry, we want companies to succeed. Noel has been with Thor Mining on its journey and has spoken to different thought leaders who have led the company up to its current position - with Ms. Warland and also the company´' previous Chairman, Mick Billing. It is a good feeling when Noel likes the potential of a company and can follow their story to see their work bear fruit.

Get the highlights on Thor Mining's Green Copper story here.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:38 Ragged Range

02:54 Prospectivity of the Pilbara Craton.

05:30 The Nickel in Ragged Range.

06:54 Copper in South Australia and potential to being a Copper Producer.

08:19 ISR Use

08:55 How do you explain the Environmental Issues?

11:19 73m of 1% Cu is a significant number.

12:35 The Copper project in South Australia is heading towards development.

13:28 NO infrastructure will not be an issue.

13:44 Looking very much like a Green Copper Story.

15:17 Molyhil Project

17:46 Molybdenum is getting new uses and demand.

18:55 Is Molyhill bigger than first thought?

20:10 The Uranium and Vanadium project.

21:42 How will Thor prioritise the projects?

24:50 What's the news flow?

25:58 How does Thor see Ragged Range?

27:35 Nicole's words of wisdom.

28:28 How will Thor manage the variety of projects?

29:26 Concluding comments


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About Nicole Galloway Warland, Managing Director

Thor Mining Plc (ASX:THR)

Geologist Nicole Galloway Warland has worked in the mining and exploration industry for more than a quarter of a century in Australia, Eastern Europe and South America since graduating from Sydney’s University of Technology.

Nicole's experience spans grassroots exploration through to project evaluation, encompassing both open cut and underground mining, with a focus predominantly on gold, copper-gold, base metals, nickel, uranium, and lithium.

About Thor Mining Plc (LON:THR and ASX:THR)

Thor Mining PLC is an exploration and development company with an advanced tungsten/molybdenum project poised for development, and exciting copper and gold projects, both advanced and early stages, with the potential to generate significant investor value. Thor also holds an advanced tungsten/molybdenum project ready for development.

Thor has projects in Australia in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia. Thor also owns the Pilot Mountain tungsten project in Nevada USA, and uranium and vanadium exploration claims in Colorado and Utah.

Contact Thor Mining Plc

a/ 58 Galway Avenue, Marleston SA 5033, Australia

t/ +61 8 7324 1935

f/ +61 8351 5169


PO Box 458, Marleston SA 5033, Australia



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