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Chasing for Copper and Gold with Cooper Metals in Mt. Isa, Queensland.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

✦ Ian Warland, Managing Director of Cooper Metals Limited (ASX: CPM) is an exploration geologist with more than three decades of experience. He shares the concepts of the Cooper Metals story today.

Cooper Metals shares a mineral exploration story in a prime location that is a melt of mineralisation. As Ian Warland says, "Copper is where you see it on the surface."

Ian Warland, Managing Director of Cooper Metals Limited, Noel Ong, Samso, featured on Brilliant-Online

If you look at the location of Cooper Metals' tenure in Mt. Isa, you may well be surprised.

It is right in the heart of the Mt. Isa Inlier. This is similar to the Miramar Resources story with the Gidji JV in Kalgoorlie.

What is noteworthy is the Mt. Isa East project is literally within a stone's throw from major deposits. We are talking about deposits with world class numbers within the same region.

Resemblance in the geology aside, what the information is saying is, this region is nothing less than a nearology story that has been proven successful and with well-endowed fruits to boot.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, looking at the company's recent announcement of finding some great rock chips from existing trenches (Mt Isa East rock chip assays up to 35.3% Cu and 7.96g/t Au), is expecting Cooper Metals to find smoke in their exploration. He is keen to watch for the Queensland project and, as Ian shared, the company's next step is to fly a new geophysical survey. This will give them a more detailed understanding of where the potential mineralisation can be found.

Looking ahead, the next targets for the company are the Yarmana Gold project and the Gooroo Gold project in Western Australia. They may be early stage projects still but they have an interesting potential. Noel is interested in the Yarmana Gold project because of the tenements that are adjacent to the world class Gruyere Gold mine which is owned by Gold Road Resources Limited (ASX: GOR).

For now, he ranks the Gooroo Gold project as his third choice. However, the recent change in understanding of the greenstone presence within the Gullewa Greenstone belt may well change the ranking.

The Project area is located within the Archaean Gullewa Greenstone belt in the Murchison Province of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton. The area is prospective for Archean gold and Volcanic Massive Sulphide deposits. Silver Lakes (ASX: SLR) Deflector Cu-Au deposit is located ~ 26km north of the Gooroo Project.

Let's listen to these chapters on Coffee With Samso Episode 122:

00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:05 Ian Warland introduces Cooper Metals Limited.

01:58 How did Cooper Metals get the projects?

05:14 How much of a correlation does surface mineralisation have with discovery?

08:00 Why did Cooper get the opportunity of these projects?

10:28 Neighbours in Mt. Isa are finding great results.

11:43 Comments on the recent announcement.

11:59 Copper is where you see in on the surface.

13:41 Was there a model of chasing nearby projects prior to listing on the ASX?

15:59 Geophysics have come a long way.

16:18 Reasons why Geophysics today, can change the prospectivity of a project.

17:21 The other projects.

18:12 The Gooroo Project.

19:45 Chasing concepts is how to find new deposits.

21:04 The Yarmana Project.

21:53 The Endless possibilities of Mineral Exploration.

23:35 Why the discoveries are being made from projects not loved/unloved.

25:20 What is the plan going forward?

27:32 Is there a labour issue for the company?

28:44 How long will this resource boom continue?

31:38 What is Ian's last words to investors?

33:21 The positives of the Cooper Metal story.

34:40 Uranium potential

35:47 Concluding comments from Samso.

36:49 Ian's concluding comments.

37:23 Potential for Copper Metals.

37:59 Conclusions


About Ian Warland

Managing Director

A highly experienced and successful geologist with 25 years’ experience in Australia and internationally over a wide range of commodities. Notably, a career highlight was being joint recipient for “Explorer of the Year” in 2006 for the discovery of the Jacinth and Ambrosia zircon-rich mineral sand deposits.

Ian holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Geology with First Class Honours and university medal from the University of Technology Sydney. He also has a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment and an Associate Diploma in Environmental Control.

In the last ten years Ian has worked primarily in the junior exploration sector as a geological consultant and in senior management positions for Musgrave Minerals and Marmota. After leading Twenty Seven Co Ltd as their CEO for the last three years, Ian is now Managing Director of Cooper Metals.

About Cooper Metals Limited

Cooper Metal’s flagship Mt Isa East Cu-Au Project covers over 1300 sq km of tenure with numerous historical Cu-Au workings and prospects already identified for immediate follow up exploration. The Mt Isa Inlier is highly prospective for iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) and shear hosted Cu +/- Au deposits.

Mt Isa East is complemented by two early stage Projects in WA within proven well mineralised districts. The Yamarna Gold Project located along strike from Gold Roads 6.16 Moz world class Gruyere Gold Deposit (ASX: GOR) has an extensive length of untested Dorothy Hills Shear Zone that was important in the formation of Gruyere < 10 km to the southeast.

Lastly the Gooroo Cu and Au Project cover newly identified greenstone belt ~20 km from Silver Lakes Deflector mine. The 26 km expanse of covered greenstone belt has had almost no exploration and was only added to government geology maps in 2020 after reinterpretation of geophysical data.

About Mt. Isa East Project

The Mount Isa East Project comprises five tenements covering a combined area of ~1,300 km2 in the Mount Isa district of north-west Queensland. The Project is centred ~30 km SE of the town of Mount Isa and 900 km west of Port facilities at Townsville.

The Project area targets a strong network of shear zones and breccias between two major regional structures that are associated with Cu-Au-rich mineralization. Previous exploration has identified several Cu-Au prospects in the Project area that warrant follow up exploration. The Company has undergone a review of historical data and intends to conduct further groundwork including geochemical mapping and sampling, geophysics prior to drill testing ranked targets.

Contact Cooper Metals Limited

t/ 0410 504 272



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