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Chat with Jeannie Rogers if you are yearning for a healthy lifestyle but don’t know where to start

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

A Health and Wellness Mentor, Jeannie shares her tips and products to ensure success for both men and women.

She has created a Facebook Group, i-dream-with-jeannie and aligned herself with a group that has designed a gut health program with a leading dietician in Australia suited to nourish your body and allow your gut to finally absorb the nutrients from your diet.

Not only does Jeannie mentor both men and women to follow a healthy lifestyle, but she also teaches others to do what she does to make an income. Many of her clients and mentees are women dealing with menopause.

“At my age I've let go of the fear of a negative response," Jeannie told us. "I know my brand and have the confidence to talk about it publicly. Being part of this network of women working to help others better themselves in health and wealth. It's something I'm very proud of.”

Recognise challenges and overcome them

Jeannie told us that the group has an enormous amount of "free" training and motivation. Throughout her journey she has put herself in uncomfortable situations and thrived. She says it has been the best thing she has done. “Public speaking was a real issue for me so when an opportunity came before me from the group, I took it by the reins. “

Jeannie is relatable and open with her own story and background.

“I started this group to support my followers on their transition to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle with the support of a leading brand I have been using since 2020,” she told us. “Not that long ago I started my day with a coffee or two and didn’t eat until lunch or sometimes even dinner. I know there are so many people who can relate. Now I start it with GOOP, then breakfast and coffee.”

What is GOOP?!

About 70% of your immune system lives in and around your digestive system, along with around 80% of the happy hormone Serotonin, and we need to look after those, right!? That’s where GOOP comes in.

  • It aids in the reduction of inflammation and bloating

  • It helps keep you regular

  • It improves the quality of your hair, skin and nails

  • It provides the body with nutrients and minerals that it actually needs

  • It gives you more energy

Innovation and Business

One of the biggest changes Jeannie has seen in the last few years of her business is the huge shift to online retail.

“Since COVID, the online retail world via social Media has grown exponentially. It's been rewarding to be at the forefront of that over the last few years and now going into a tough economic crisis we have the support of a company at the front of the game.”

Jeannie has shown initiative in situations she has found herself involved in. She has helped single mums that are struggling with income, confidence, and health by giving these women the tools to know they can do anything if they put their minds to it.

She has shown them the processes used to run a business for FREE including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest.. the list goes on.

Social media has been her driving force by leveraging technology to differentiate her business.

“We can get our message out to a huge audience," she explains. "There are so many options and tools that are cost-effective and in most cases free, social media makes life easier.”

Protecting the Earth in your Business

Jeannie told us, “Keeping your business a happy, well-rounded environment, if it can be done at home, allows you to work flexible hours. It's far less of an impact on the environment if more people can work from home.”

Jeannie’s one wish for 2023… To break the negative undertone about Network Marketers


Jeannie Rogers

Ph: 0402 322 755


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Jul 12

If you’re looking to start a healthy lifestyle but don’t know where to begin, chatting with Jeannie Rogers on Camgo is a great step. I’ve found Camgo to be an incredible platform for real-time text and video chats, allowing me to connect with knowledgeable and supportive people. Jeannie is particularly great at providing personalized advice and motivation, making the daunting task of lifestyle change much more approachable. The Camgo community is welcoming and supportive, ensuring that you feel comfortable and encouraged on your journey to better health. Give it a try – it’s a fantastic way to get started!

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