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Taking a Magical Mystery Tour with a difference

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

✦ Customer service, Tour Experience Organisation and Office Administration are just some of the roles Beth Williams from Epic Rides and Tours handles each day.

Make your own ride

As most customers prefer a custom ride experience rather than the "ready made" options on the website, Beth liaises with husband and business partner Heff to arrange and produce a truly unique experience for each and every customer.

She researches routes, destinations and other details of runs so she can present a picture to potential customers. Often, before a given run is added to the Epic Rides & Tours list of mystery rides, she accompanies Heff on a "recce ride”.

“This is so I know the route well, and can assist the customer with a personally-gained insight to the product on offer. As part of this conversation I advise customers on matters such as clothes to wear, sunscreen and whether they are likely to get muddy or dusty!” Beth told us.

Beth never thought she would be involved in the tourism industry, let alone an owner of a tourism business. As someone who has low vision and having to surrender her licence, it took her by surprise at how much she personally loves being in a sidecar. She may not see the wildlife as well as most people but she gets to feel, hear and smell the environment which she loves.

Stand-out bike rides

Epic Rides & Tours have sidecar outfits that are designed to be used on and off-road, adding another dimension to the runs on offer.

“Other businesses have trikes that are fun on-road, but we have the only set up locally that can go off-road and hit the dirt tracks. We can access our beautiful National Parks and State Forests with ease and a comfortable ride.”

Many of the runs are through amazing rural locations that cannot safely be accessed by trike, or some even by 2-wheel drive cars.

“I am aware of another local tour business that has a four wheel drive, but the difference is our passengers are not separated from the environment. They experience the feel and smells of the surrounding environment, they don't just see the environment they are in through a windscreen,” Beth explained.

Attend seminars and networking events

Beth told us that by involving themselves in local business groups and joining tourism seminars and the like, has not only assisted both herself and Heff in understanding how businesses work, but has widened their businesses potential customer base. A win-win for Epic Rides and Tours.

Catering for both male and female thrill seekers, ranging in age from 8 to 90 years young, Epic Rides & Tours could be your next stop for the perfect gift idea.

“We find if people are purchasing a ride as a gift to a loved one, they are more inclined to splurge, for want of a better word. So far, most of our rides have been with out-of-area, international and interstate customers. We have a booking for a customer returning for what will be his fourth ride with us,” Beth said.

Epic Rides and Tours find it very rewarding to take special needs persons for a ride. This has inspired Beth to reach out to NDIS and Aged Care organisations, to offer her business as something different for their clients to experience.

“By improving their clients' mental and emotional well-being, it has been well-documented to have positive effects on physical well-being. Although I do not ride, I receive wonderful 'thank you's' when following up a ride. Epic Rides and Tours has a positive effect on customers, Riders and myself,” said Beth.

Innovation and problem solving

Always open to new ideas, Beth is working on a system to keep her in contact with previous customers, with the view to returning business. She acknowledges social media is an avenue that has helped expand the business.

By putting together and posting videos and reels on the businesses social pages she is creating memories for clients, their families and friends, who are sharing the experiences and hence growing the Epic Rides and Tours social media presence.

Beth told us that gaining customer's trust, with the goal of selling the most expensive ride possible, without pressuring the potential customer is a daily challenge. “I often explain Heff's tendency to add extra time to the ride, without extra charge.”

Previous experience as a receptionist and customer liaison officer is of great help to Beth. On one occasion, she liaised with the owner of a local trike tour business reaching out for a ride involving six customers.

“He was only able to carry two passengers," she explained. "Our bikes can carry two passengers each, thus allowing the entire party of six to travel as a group if we worked together. Problem solved.”

Collaboration with local cafes and eateries to drop in for coffees and/or something to eat when on remote runs, are organised to add to the ride experience.

Protecting Earth whilst providing adventure

All sidecars are small-engined, thus producing much less emissions than other forms of transport. Riders endeavour to minimise their environmental impact, as the wild areas Epic Rides and Tours visit are the basis of their business. Customers are made aware of the beauty of the areas travelled, and Riders are nature-loving and keen to pass on their knowledge of wildlife.

“On a recent run, Heff advised the customer she may see wildlife, including goannas," Beth told us. "On cue, a goanna appeared and started to climb a tree. As an international visitor, she was thrilled. Heff also advised her where to find water dragons, land mullets, tawny frogmouths and even koalas.”

Beth’s wishes for 2023…

To be more established in our local area and employ new staff members and to be around in 2024 working with other local businesses.


Epic Rides and Tours


Ph: 0475 908 054


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