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Relax and enjoy being in front of a camera

✦ Based in Port Macquarie, Lucy Humphries Photography captures those truly unique moments in life of you and your family.

Lucy Humphries Photography captures unique moments in time as featured in Brilliant-Online
A wife and busy mum, Lucy simply adores photography.

Not the kind where you stand still and force a smile, it’s the sideways glances and the little grins, the special moments that she aims to capture. Relaxed and fun is her vibe.

Lucy is responsible for the magnificent Women in Business photos in this month’s edition of Brilliant-online.

All ladies, and one guy (Heff from Epic Rides and Tours) were put at ease and experienced first hand how it feels to actually relax and enjoy being in front of a camera. A self confessed talker, especially if she has had coffee, Lucy is easy going which makes working with her a total breeze. Definitely the right choice for the photoshoot, Brilliant-online couldn’t recommend her more highly for your next corporate or personalised photo session.

Photograph session of Brilliant Women for our March 2023 issue

Challenges for small business

Lucy told us that her biggest challenge as a business owner has centred around having

a young family and growing a business.

Lucy Humphries is a wife, mum and woman in business as featured in Brilliant-Online
Lucy is a wife, mum and woman in business

“My children are 10 and 5. Like a lot of people we have no family support nearby and the juggle for myself and my husband can be very hectic at times. I recognised fairly early on that I would benefit from expert help and have worked with business coaches which has been a phenomenal help with all aspects of running a business,” she told us.

A very relaxed and fun style

That’s how she rolls. She puts you at ease, wants you to relax and have fun. “I believe this comes across in my clients' photos. I rarely photograph people who enjoy having their photo taken, it's much more likely that someone will tell me they 'hate' having their photo taken! Usually a few minutes into our session I can see them relax, and that's down to the relationship and rapport I gain with my clients.”

Innovation and leveraging technology

Using a range of systems simplifies processes. From first contact right through to receiving their gallery, Lucy wants to ensure her clients have a relaxed and easy experience.

Lucy Humphries loves photography and leverages technology as featured in Brilliant-Online
Lucy behind the lens

She uses an online booking system which manages everything from her calendar to booking reminders and more which means she can provide that simple, personalised and seamless experience for every client.

Take a look at some of her recent work here

Lucy’s wish for 2023…

To continue to work with amazing individuals, families and businesses from our beautiful region. I am so fortunate to be able to document life changing moments for my clients - from sunrise proposals, to weddings, newborn babies and so much more, my wish is for that to continue!

Photos of Lucy courtesy of Katy at Evokative


Lucy Humphries Photography

Phone: 0488 157 919



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