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Brilliant September Theme is Superheroes

Updated: Jan 20

✦ At Brilliant, we find Superheroes every day.

Brilliant September theme is on Superheroes | Brilliant-Online Magazine

National Superhero Week is from 4th to 10th September to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy and also raise money for research into a cure for muscular dystrophy and support for those with the condition.

Muscular dystrophy refers to a group of inherited genetic muscle conditions. Muscular dystrophy causes progressive muscle weakness, meaning it gets worse over time. It can become life-threatening, and there currently isn’t a cure for it.

City2Surf Wonder Woman|Brilliant-online

But this is beyond muscular dystrophy awareness. At Brilliant, we find Superheroes every day.

We have the amazing TG's Child Care Educators being stewards of children's future or Jade and Cherie doing a City2Surf run in Sydney dressed as Wonder Women to raise funds for charities in need and to set the world record for the largest group of people dressed as Wonder Woman in one gathering.

If you think your business is a superhero, supporting the community or bringing value because of your products and services, then advertise on Brilliant Interactive Magazine.

Do something fun

Imagine you as a superhero in your city. Print this image and give your Superhero some space to fly.

It's Spring in Australia!

Spring is coming, so what would your business be focusing on?

September Brilliant Spring Themes | Photo from Justin Ha, Unsplash|Brilliant Online
  • Spring Clean

    1. If you have old inventory, near expired stocks, non-profitable items, you might want to sort them out and do a Spring Sale.

    2. Clean up your online presence. Fix broken links, optimise and improve SEO on your digital channels. Need help?

  • Spring is Renewal

    1. Focus on a new look for your website, a new feature, perhaps a new product offering to go along with the spirit of renewal.

    2. Time to talk about your business. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about ourselves, so this is where Brilliant can help. Advertising with Brilliant means we help you deliver the right business message in a story that will attract and engage 70,000 readers. Contact Chrissy Jones for help.

    3. Spring is a time to rejuvenate. Those in health and beauty can provide tips for a brilliant, beautiful lifestyle.

  • Spring Travels

    1. Spring is a great time to travel. If you are in hospitality or travel, tell us if you have an event during Spring or where we can go or how to travel smart.

September themes

1st September – First Day of Spring

1st September – Wattle Day

1st – 30th September – Social September

1st – 30th September – Footy Colours Day

1st – 30th September – Foster Care Month

1st – 30th September – Biodiversity Month

1st – 30th September – Save the Koala Month

2nd September – National Health and Physical Education Day

3rd – 11th September – History Week (NSW)

4th – 10th September – National Child Protection Week NAPCAN

5th September – International Day of Charity

4th September – Father’s Day

6th September – Early Childhood Educator's Day

7th September – Threatened Species Day

7th September - Indigenous Literacy Day

8th September – International Literacy Day

12th September – National Bilby Day

14th September – R U OK? Day

15th September – International Day of Democracy

17th September – Australian Citizenship Day

17th September – Clean up the World Day

19th September – Talk Like A Pirate Day

19th – 25th September – International Deaf Week

21st September – World Gratitude Day

21st September – International Day of Peace

23rd September – International Day of Sign Language

4 September to 8 September – Women’s Health Week  as featured in Brilliant-Online
4 September to 8 September – Women’s Health Week

September Health Themes

1 September to 30 September – World Alzheimer’s Month

1 September to 30 September – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

1 September to 30 September – Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

1 September to 30 September – Liptember

1 September to 30 September – Biodiversity Month

1 September – Gold Bow Day

3 September to 9 September – National Child Protection Week

4 September to 10 September – Idiopathic Hypersomnia Awareness Week

4 September – PKD Awareness Day

4 September to 10 September – National Superhero Week

4 September – World Sexual Health Day

4 September to 8 September – Women’s Health Week

5 September – International Day of Charity

6 September – National Health and Physical Education Day

6 September – Indigenous Literacy Day

7 September – World Duchenne Awareness Day

7 September – International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

8 September – International Literacy Day

9 September – International Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day

9 September – World First Aid Day

10 September – World Suicide Prevention Day

14 September – R U OK? Day

16 September – World Cleanup Day

16 September – International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

17 September – World Patient Safety Day

18 September to 24 September – Dementia Action Week

18 September to 24 September – National Organic Week

18 September to 24 September – National Week of Deaf People

21 September – World Alzheimer’s Day

21 September – International Day of Peace

22 September – World Car-Free Day

24 September – World Rivers Day

28 September – World Rabies Day

29 September – World Heart Day

29 September – International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

30 September – International Translation Day

September Brilliant Pet Themes|Brilliant-online

September Pet Themes

Pet Sitter Education Month

Pet sitter, kennels, pet carers - educate readers on how to care for their pets!

Animal Pain Awareness Month

Most animals are masters at hiding their pain. As their owners, humans have a responsibility to know when their pet is in pain. Seeking veterinarians for resources on how to recognise pain in pets.

September 19: Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Aimed to raise awareness of what responsible dog ownership looks like, this day is to commend the great dog owners, and to encourage them to educate those wanting to add a dog to their family – the responsible way. Dog breeders, we want you!

September 28: World Rabies Day

Recognised globally in an effort to raise awareness of this terrible, but preventable disease, World Rabies Day is a great opportunity for education! Thanks to vaccines, rabies is now extremely rare in domesticated pets like cats and dogs. Is your pet up to date?

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