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Get ready for the biggest Elvis show on earth!

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

✦ An interview with Marty Rhone, Australian singer-songwriter and Producer of the 'ELVIS - The Biggest Elvis Show on Earth'

A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It’s my favorite part of the business, live concerts.” - Elvis Presley

The term “legend” tends to get bandied around a little too casually these days, and often far too generously. However, mention the name Elvis Aaron Presley and there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that legend is one of the first things that springs to mind. Perhaps it’s the only word.

In fact, it would be fair to say that the undisputed King of Rock N' Roll stands alone in his own stratosphere when it comes to legendary status – anyone who is usually only referred to by their first name alone tends to. His influence and impact was not only seismic on popular music but on pop culture and society as a whole, creating a legacy that lives on decades after his passing. His music is timeless and his style is still copied by artists today. One could indeed argue Elvis defines the term legend.

There have been countless tribute artists over the years, tribute acts in all four corners of the globe on an unsurpassed scale. However, nothing like what is about to happen in Sydney next month has ever been seen before, a unique opportunity to get as close as possible to the man, the myth, the legend as you’re ever likely to have.

On Saturday, August 12 at the Darling Harbour Theatre in Sydney, the largest ever Elvis show the world has ever seen is set to take place – and to say it promises to be big is a huge understatement!

The show is being curated by Aussie stars John St. Peeters and Marty Rhone, two men who know a thing or two about the entertainment world.

Brilliant-Online had the chance to catch up with Marty recently to learn more about what to expect from the show.


“‘ELVIS - The Biggest Elvis Show on Earth’” promises to be exactly that,” Marty tells us. “The largest group of performers that Elvis himself ever shared the stage with was 47 musicians and singers. Our last Elvis show in Melbourne last year broke records when 108 musicians were on stage. In Sydney we are planning to surpass that,” Marty adds with a smile.

I ask Marty how the show came about and what the audience should expect on the night.

“John [St Peeters] and I had watched a show in Melbourne about six years ago and left so deflated at what we had experienced,” he explains. “I won’t name the artist but the sound was bad, the production was bad, the performance itself was bad – just a really bad experience overall. It was clear to John and I that the notion of entertaining the audience wasn’t high on the agenda in this particular instance, it appeared it was purely for monetary gain, as many shows seemingly were at that time.

“Sitting over coffee, John and I decided we wanted to reverse this trend and produce a show that was a cut above, that truly got the audience engaged and leaving with a lasting impression – that’s what entertainment is all about after all! Both of us are huge Elvis fans so it was a no-brainer. I came up with the title ‘Elvis, King of the World’ and John took care of the sound and visuals to help tell the Elvis story on stage, engaging 50 musicians and singers. This was at the Melbourne Town Hall in 2017.

“Naturally, we were confident it would be a great show but the audience reaction literally blew us away – they went absolutely ballistic! It was fantastic and so rewarding to know we had met our objective of entertaining the fans but it only served to motivate us more as to what could lie ahead.”
Marty Rhone, Australian singer-songwriter and Producer of the Biggest Elvis Show on Earth | Brilliant-Online
Marty Rhone, Australian singer-songwriter and Producer of 'ELVIS - the Biggest Elvis Show on Earth'

The subsequent show two years later leveraged this buzz as 70 musicians and singers took to the stage and the audience’s ecstatic response grew in tandem. Then, in 2022, the show went into overdrive as 109 musicians and singers were involved, an event that broke records. “The Australian Book of Records officially classed it as the largest ever Elvis show, which was incredible,” said Marty. “The reception was just phenomenal. I had a friend come up to me afterwards in tears of joy exclaiming he felt as if he was watching Elvis himself up on stage! And remember, this was a challenging time, still in the throes of COVID-19 which meant the show had to be postponed three separate times. It was fantastic.”

Interest levels piqued as requests to take the show to the United States, Europe and New Zealand came in, although the sheer scale of the project, not to mention the astronomical costs involved, proved prohibitive. Instead it was local promoter David Lazarus who suggested the show move to a bigger venue in Sydney. The Opera House was considered, as was the State Theatre, before the team settled on the Darling Harbour Theatre, a venue they genuinely believe is perfect for the bigger, more vibrant show they have planned.

“It will be a completely different show to the previous ones in Melbourne,” Marty explains. “John has rewritten it to incorporate several things, including the sad passing of Elvis’ daughter Lisa-Marie earlier this year. We have the record in our sights again in terms of the total number of musicians and singers on stage and all of them have been practising for months.”

Stepping into the shoes of the legendary entertainer are father-and-son combo Paul and Anthony Fenech, highly revered for their impressive depictions of the King. This in itself is a stroke of genius by John and Marty as it negates the usual approach of just one person portraying a mythical icon who changed so dramatically throughout his career. Anthony will portray Elvis during his younger years while Paul will do so to reflect his senior period. It provides an opportunity to, as Marty says, “grow Elvis” throughout the show.

‘Complete package’

I ask Marty why he believes the legendary status of Elvis not only endures but seems to get stronger as the years pass. “He was the complete package as a rock star,” he replies. “He had the looks, the allure and charm to appeal to all, especially the ladies and, clearly, he had talent as an entertainer with great stage presence. The Gods certainly smiled on him when he was born! However, he was also self-depreciating, he wasn’t overly serious and often displayed a somewhat shy side.

“As with many others who are taken at such an early age, his death added to the mystique and fuelled the notion of legend as the years passed. His premature death meant so many never got to see or hear him perform live and he therefore became a fantasy of sorts, which is why he lives on through tribute acts, fan clubs, etc.

"He sells more records now than when he was alive and there are over 30,000 Elvis tribute artists around the world. Also, the recent movie Elvis by Baz Luhrmann helped bring the Elvis story to a whole new generation and it’s great to hear many of his songs now played regularly on popular music stations.”

The love for the man who died almost 50 years ago endures to an incredible degree. It is what is driving Marty and John’s upcoming production, that genuine desire to deliver an unforgettable experience for the audience that is curated with love, respect and conviction.

John St. Peeters holding Elvis Presley's message for him | Brilliant-Online
John St. Peeters holding Elvis Presley's message for him. What a legend!

It is often said "do something with conviction or don't even bother". Clearly this isn’t something lacking with John and Marty and their beloved project. It’s why the upcoming show promises to be such a spectacular occasion. Jaw-dropping visuals re-telling the Elvis story underpinned by an incredible musical performance that will leave the audience wowed and sharing the experience with others for years to come.

Don't miss out on what is set to be a truly legendary event! Get your tickets to ‘ELVIS - The Biggest Elvis Show on Earth’ here, now!

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