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Brilliant by name, Brilliant by nature!

✦ Local business is what drives, unites and inspires the community.

Through countless generations all manner of locally-based and operated companies have helped generate revenue to allow the regional community to thrive and prosper. Local businesses also serve as a crucial pillar within the community, helping build a unique sense of togetherness, support and direction for its local residents. This was especially evident in recent years with the disruption and fallout the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed, where a sense of strong community spirit and support was vital at such a dark time.

It is, therefore, all the more reason why we should collectively champion the upcoming Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards, courtesy of the Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This annual ceremony shines a light on the various small businesses operating in and supporting our local community, providing a chance to acknowledge so much of the great work that is done by each and every one of them.

As the Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry explains, the awards provide “opportunities for local businesses to recognise their achievements, build rapport with their team, review their business journey, and consider their future”.

We should collectively champion the upcoming Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards
We should collectively champion the upcoming Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards

This year’s Awards Gala Dinner will be held at the Wauchope RSL Club on Saturday, June 17 and will include two sections - the Local Excellence Awards and the NSW Business Chamber aligned Awards. And we at Brilliant-Online are especially proud to once again be nominated, this year in the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ category in the Greater Port Macquarie 2023 Business Awards.

Forged and launched during those dark days of COVID-19, the team at Brilliant-Online like to think we have overcome major adversity and established a resilience and spirit that can take us through practically anything and suggest we are only at the start of our Brilliant journey!

In less than three years we are proud to say we have become a trusted, admired and valued component of the local community, providing a range of engaging and unique stories that have wowed our readers. We are also particularly proud to serve as a unique conduit between local residents and business by connecting the two and providing opportunities for the latter to seamlessly engage with the former. We recognise the importance of supporting local business to allow our communities to thrive. In our modern age of competition, it is even more important to us to uphold our Brilliant values - there is plenty to go around and we want to celebrate everyone's win!

Brilliant-Online offers a unique, interactive advertorial platform that tracks advertising performance and allows our business customers in the community to truly make their businesses sparkle. We provide omni-channel and multi-channel advertising with results reporting for one single price, all under one roof – something that no other magazine or media company provides. Our interactive magazine includes ad banners, interactive blog stories, social media and emails, collectively offering an incredible level of engagement that allows businesses to engage with potential customers through multiple channels.

For businesses that feel overwhelmed about how to market their businesses in an ever-changing world, we have been helping them shine, making it easy for them to step into our magical pages and even enjoy the process of growing their businesses, especially when they can see clear numerated results.

Brilliant-Online is the finalist in the greater port macquarie business awards 2023
Brilliant-Online is the finalist in the Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2023

Every day we dream and allow our imagination to fly to make Brilliant-Online even more magical so that our stories can become a focal point of interaction and engagement for readers, advertisers and communities. We have more than 70,000 Brilliant readers now and as our community and businesses grow, so do we.

We have a truly Brilliant team that are driven by values of honesty, passion, kindness, fairness and respect to deliver a variety of insightful and engaging stories each month. Shaped by the consequences of COVID-19, we arguably reflect the make-up of the typical contemporary business in that we are a diverse bunch, scattered far and wide, contributing from remote destinations. Be that Yann Tyng from Madrid in Spain, Ben from Phuket in Thailand, Adan from Indonesia or head honchos Chrissy and Veronica in Wauchope and Port Macquarie respectively, ultimately we make a Brilliant team. We believe this diversity in location and background also provides us a major differential advantage as we embrace different cultures, points of view and ways of telling Brilliant stories. True to the category that we are nominated under this year, we are proud to be innovators, not imitators!

We have a truly Brilliant team that are driven by values of honesty, passion, kindness, fairness and respect
We have a truly Brilliant team that are driven by values of honesty, passion, kindness, fairness and respect

Where else could you get to read about the wonderful ongoing exploits of the team at TG’s Child Care next to a story on Ballet Dancing in the Spanish capital, alongside an insight into Muay Thai champions and young martial arts students in Thailand and an overview on Ballet for Adults? Monthly investment insights from Samso sitting snuggly alongside delicious recipes such as Irish Beef and Guinness Pie, the Japanese egg custard ‘Chawanmushi’ and Pandan Coconut Hot Cross Buns, followed by insights into the local regenerative farming industry courtesy of the team at Grazed and Grown?

A deep dive into the wonderful world of synchronised swimming, next to a story on an inspiring woman who helps save stray animals on the streets of Phuket, alongside self-confidence and self-actualisation advice from life coach Bernie Ginnane, sandwiched between gardening advice from Greenbourne Nursery and tips from experts on how to safely handle snakes, fitness, diet and mental health? Eclectic doesn’t even begin to describe the line-up of fantastic stories each month and those listed above are merely the tip of the iceberg, with so many more Brilliant tales to be enjoyed!

Team at TG’s Child Care
Team at TG’s Child Care

Our Brilliant stories are positioned to educate, inspire and be a voice for the community.

It is usually difficult, some may say uncomfortable, to blow one’s own trumpet and laud one’s own achievements. However, it is something that we are proud to do at Brilliant-Online as we truly believe in the magic we create. It’s why we are proud to once again participate in the upcoming Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards. Whereas we would naturally be honoured to win, we already feel like genuine winners simply by what we do each day and by helping our partners and the wider community – there really is no more brilliant feeling than that!

Brilliant-Online are proud sponsors of the 2023 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards as we believe in supporting our local business communities. Fellow 2023 Awards Sponsors include: Corporate Partner: SafeWork NSW; Business Partners: Brilliant Online, TG's Child Care, Optus, Bago Vineyards, Timbertown Pies, Billabong Zoo, Heart of the Hastings, TAFE NSW; Supporting Partners: Bennetts Steel, Wauchope Travel and Wauchope RSL Club.


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