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Kim Staples Art of Life

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Painting a Life of Colour, Passion and Joy

Art of Life is a place to heal one's heart through the arts, and Kim Staples is the Australian artist, art tutor and art therapist bringing this place to life with her passion.

Imagination, intuition, creativity and self-discovery are the magic ingredients at play here. For Kim, artistic expression is the key to looking into one's soul. Her signature colourful art work bridges the inner and outer world and it is like journeying through the artist's eyes with every one of her art works.

Kim is often in her studio with her paint-splattered blue apron, sitting amongst her tubes of paints and a spread of canvases portraying diverse subjects all around her. This is her happy place where she gets to explore her love of culture, nature, colour, texture and the unknown.

Art for Everyone

A key part of her artist life is sharing it with youth groups, Alzheimer's sufferers, people with special needs, disabilities and other challenging conditions. She loves teaching them as it gives them self worth. Art is a limitless world which they can all access and be free to express and feel.

Circle of Joy

It is no secret where Kim’s warm smile and bubbly laughter come from. She loves capturing subjects that are colourful which give joy and happiness to people in their lives. And what goes round, comes round. Kim also receives this joy and happiness in return.

Not everyone is fortunate to be able to say about their profession - ¨I love doing it. I wouldn't give it up for the world.¨

What Do You See?

What attracts people to Kim’s work is the emotion that is captured and felt behind the painting when they look at it. As an artist, that is what drives Kim to return to the studio and keep creating. As Kim says, ¨It's me on that canvas.¨ And people identify with that.

Painting the Town Red and More

Kim has been busy taking part in the Port Macquarie Bicentenary celebrations and her studio also opened recently where she sold a number of her beautiful works.

If you have walked along the Koala Trail, you would have seen a series of colourfully exuberant and unique one-metre high koala sculptures all across the Port Macquarie district.

Kim Staples is one of these talented artists who has breathed life and personality into these koalas with her paints and she is also repairing them when they have a bit of a bruise or scratch. One of her spunky koalas is Cowala the Koala.

The 100-year-old Miss Nellie's cafe at Kendall got damaged by the recent floods. When the floodwaters smashed the windows and side wall out of the cafe, Cowala the Koala very cow-rageously threw herself upside down against the kitchen bench to hold up the fallen wall! Kim´s paints have certainly injected this little koala sculpture with a gutsy life of its own! It will not be long before Kim has patched up Cowala well and proper.

We will be on the look out all around Port Macquarie to see where else Kim has been with her magic paintbrush, sharing her signature colours and joy!


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