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How Blackstone Brands itself as a Nickel Producer

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

✦ Here is Part 1 of a Special Series diving deep into Blackstone Minerals Ltd (ASX:BSX), starting with Tessa Kutscher, Corporate Affairs Advisor of the company.

The importance of branding and social media in the mineral resource sector.

Perhaps branding and mining are not the most obvious bedfellows, but interestingly enough, that is something I am really intrigued by with Blackstone Minerals Ltd. They are easily one of the most visible mining companies on social media platforms.

Now why would a mining company need to be out there on social media?

Believe it or not, it is actually a really well-organised strategy. And it is working very well for Blackstone Minerals.

Tessa Kutscher, Corporate Affairs Advisor of Blackstone Minerals Ltd, Noeal Ong, Samso, Brilliant-Online

That is why I have been so eager to get hold of Tessa Kutscher, and it has been a really long wait trying to score a slot in her heavy schedule. As Corporate Affairs Advisor, she is the person to go to to learn about how and why the company is making itself visible in cyberspace.

Blackstone Minerals Ltd has been a strong supporter of Samso ever since they started, so Blackstone is a company that I follow keenly. It pays to watch the development of a company. There is so much their history, strategies, timeline, milestones and upcoming projects can reveal.

Ms. Kutscher and I talk about how in the mineral resource sector there is a belief that there is no need for branding. If you think about it, every sector in the commercial world needs branding and companies are pulling out all the marketing stops to keep up a healthy engagement with consumers. So why not mining companies?

Tune in to find out how Tessa Kutscher and the Blackstone team keep the company very visible in the internet world.

Ms. Kutscher talks about the company's marketing strategies, the changing market space and the use of different social media platforms. Get ready to open your mind to what branding is like for a company in the mineral resources sector. You may just see marketing and mining companies in a completely different light after this.


00:00 Introduction

00:53 All about Tessa Kutscher

01:37 How Blackstone promotes.

06:25 From traditional marketing to Marketing 2021

11:40 Is there a preference for a particular social media platform?

15:51 The importance of Scott Williamson being seen.

16:21 Why is LinkedIn good?

17:19 The experience of Twitter for Blackstone Minerals.

18:29 Is Educating Engagement the secret weapon?

22:20 Tessa Preaching.

23:50 Try all ways of distribution.

25:20 Conclusion


About Tessa Kutscher

Corporate Affairs Advisor

Blackstone Minerals Limited

Qualifications: Master of Arts in Political Science, Linguistics and Languages

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Ms Kutscher has more than 15 years' experience in C-level executive support in the financial, higher education and mining sector.

About Blackstone Minerals Limited

Blackstone Minerals Limited (ASX: BSX) is developing the district-scale Ta Khoa Project in Northern Vietnam where the company is drilling out the large-scale Ban Phuc Nickel-PGE deposit. The Ta Khoa Nickel-PGE Project has existing modern mine infrastructures built to International Standards including a 450ktpa processing plant and permitted mine facilities.

Blackstone Minerals also owns a large landholding at the Gold Bridge project within the BC porphyry belt in British Columbia, Canada with large scale drill targets prospective for high-grade gold-cobalt-copper mineralisation. In Australia, Blackstone Minerals is exploring for nickel and gold in the Eastern Goldfields and gold in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Blackstone Minerals has a board and management team with a proven track record of mineral discovery and corporate success.

Blackstone Mineral Projects

Contact Blackstone Minerals Limited


a/ Suite 3, Level 3, 24 Outram Street, West Perth, WA, 6005

t/ + 61 8 9425 5217

f/ +61 8 6500 9982


PO Box 1175, West Perth, WA, 6872


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