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Why Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX: CYM) is in the lead as a Copper Producer

✦ Barry Cahill, Executive Director of Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX:CYM) shares updates about the company's activities and their progress with the Nifty Copper Mine.

In the previous article, Cahill, Executive Director of Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX:CYM) laid out the theme for the Nifty Copper Project, the release of the Restart Study and how the business will take shape.

Today, Noel Ong, CEO of Samso returns with Barry Cahill and this time we learn why Cyprium is the leader of the pack in terms of Copper producers..

Why Cyprium is in the lead

There is a large gap between the large producers such as BHP (ASX: BHP) and the recently bought Oz Minerals. What is missing is the mid cap producers. An example of this would be Austral Resources Limited but that has fallen a bit off the radar since.

Needless to say, becoming the next producer is not easy.

There are two types of copper miners - you have the producer who goes to Copper sheet (Cyprium Method) and the tradition refinery route. As for Cyprium, there are many reasons why they stand out, as Mr. Cahill explains in his conversation.

The Cyprium Nifty project is a brownfield refurbishment project with extensive assets already in place, so it has a lot of benefits in reducing cost and carbon emissions.

Get updates with Barry Cahill here.


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:14 Recap of Cyprium Metals Limited.

04:23 Other projects: Maroochydore Copper Project.

05:44 Murchison Copper Project.

08:24 Nifty Copper Project.

11:22 Financing the project.

13:14 Project approvals.

14:11 Current stage: Finance process.

17:13 Explaining to investors about the resource base.

20:47 Knowledge from past experiences.

26:03 The ESG component of copper.

28:35 Discussion about ESG funds.

33:51 Are there any issues faced?

36:54 Importance of inventory.

45:19 What is the step forward?

53:13 Any last words?

56:34 Conclusion

About Barry Cahill

Executive Director

Mr. Cahill is a mining engineer with over 30 years’ experience in exploration, operational mining and management. In particular, his experience covers management of project development and construction from exploration drilling through project funding, commissioning and development. He was the Managing Director of Finders Resources Limited from 2013 until its takeover in 2018. Mr. Cahill has previously been Executive Director of a number of public companies including Operations Director at Perilya Limited and Managing Director of Australian Mines Limited and Norseman Gold Plc.

About Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX:CYM)

Cyprium Metals Limited (ASX: CYM) is an ASX listed company with copper projects in Australia. The Company has a highly credentialed management team that is experienced in successfully developing sulphide heap leach copper projects in challenging locations. The Company’s strategy is to acquire, develop and operate mineral resource projects in Australia which are optimised by innovative processing solutions to produce copper metal on-site to maximise value.

The Company has projects in the Murchison and Paterson regions of Western Australia that is host to a number of base metals deposits with copper and gold mineralisation.

Paterson Copper Projects This portfolio of copper projects comprises the Nifty Copper Mine, Maroochydore Copper Project and Paterson Exploration Project.

The Nifty Copper Mine (“Nifty”) is located on the western edge of the Great Sandy Desert in the north-eastern Pilbara region of Western Australia, approximately 330km southeast of Port Hedland. Nifty contains a 2012 JORC Mineral Resource of 732,200 tonnes of contained copper (i). Cyprium is focussed on a heap leach SX-EW operation to retreat the current heap leach pads as well as open pit oxide and transitional material. Studies will investigate the potential restart of the copper concentrator to treat open pit sulphide material.

The Maroochydore deposit is located ~85km southeast of Nifty and includes a shallow 2012 JORC Mineral Resource of 486,000 tonnes of contained copper (ii). Aeris Resources Limited (ASX: AIS, formerly Straits Resources Limited) holds certain rights to “buy back up to 50%” into any proposed mine development in respect of the Maroochydore Project, subject to a payment of 3 times the exploration expenditure contribution that would have been required to maintain its interest in the project.

An exploration earn-in joint venture has been entered into with IGO Limited on ~2,400km2 of the Paterson Exploration Project. Under the agreement, IGO is to sole fund $32 million of exploration activities over 6.5 years to earn a 70% interest in the Paterson Exploration Project, including a minimum expenditure of $11 million over the first 3.5 years. Upon earning a 70% interest, the Joint Venture will form and IGO will free-carry Paterson Copper to the completion of a pre-feasibility study (PFS) on a new mineral discovery.

Murchison Copper-Gold Projects Cyprium has an 80% attributable interest in a joint venture with Musgrave Minerals Limited (ASX: MGV) at the Cue Copper-Gold Project, which is located ~20km to the east of Cue in Western Australia. Cyprium will free-carry the Cue Copper Project to the completion of a definitive feasibility study (DFS). The Cue Copper-Gold Project includes the Hollandaire Copper-Gold Mineral Resources of 51,500 tonnes contained copper (iii), which is open at depth. Metallurgical test-work has been undertaken to determine the optimal copper extraction methodology, which resulted in rapid leaching times (refer to 9 March 2020 CYM announcement, “Copper Metal Plated”,

The Nanadie Well Project is located ~650km northeast of Perth and ~75km southeast of Meekatharra in the Murchison District of Western Australia, within mining lease M51/887. The Cue and Nanadie Well Copper-Gold projects are included in an ongoing scoping study, to determine the parameters required to develop a copper project in the region, which provides direction for resource expansion work.

(i) Refer to CYM ASX announcement dated 17 November 2021 “Updated Nifty Copper Mineral Resource Estimate

(ii) Refer to MLX ASX announcements: 10 March 2020, “Nifty Copper Mine Resource Update” and 18 August 2016, “Annual Update of Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves”

(iii) Refer to CYM ASX announcement: 29 September 2020, “Hollandaire Copper-gold Mineral Resource Estimate”

Contact Cyprium Metals Limited

a/ Unit 1 Ground Floor 437 Roberts Road Subiaco Western Australia 6008

t/ +61 8 6374 1550



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